Kathu Waterfall Phuket

Besides beautiful beaches, there are many other touristic places. So, when you finish swimming in the beach, do not forget to visit those splendid waterfalls in Phuket as well. One of them is a small waterfall called Kathu; it is 4 kilometers away from the municipal office. This waterfall is one of the most popular touristic places among Thai and foreigners.
Tourists can come up the stairs to see Kathu waterfall; the distance is 130 meters with 3-tiered height. The first tiered is for wading in where 3 dams can be found there. It is a small and clear waterfall. The children are safe playing around this area. The next level is for relaxing; there are benches ad tables provided for tourists in order to chill and have lunch in the midst of beautiful nature. The top level offers the nature trails where there are thick trees full of various kinds of flora; this is perfect for walking along the fall’s trail.
The perfect season for visiting Kathru waterfall is during the rainy season around July until December. Because of the small size of the fall, there is not much water stream flowing as it should be. Still, this is the popular place for tourists who like natural trekking.
There are a delicious restaurant at the entrance and the parking lot available for tourists.
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Photo : phuket.com / www.phuket101.net

Kathu Waterfall

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