Central DFS @U-tapao Airport

Be a last-minute shopaholic before leaving Pattaya/Rayong, Thailand. Central Department Store has just opened out another glorious unit at U-tapao International Airport, 2nd fl.

Fill your empty stomach before checking in at “Eatery Garden”, a Thai-International food court with your fav shops like Aunty Anne’s, Mister Cup T, and many more.


Inside the gate, find “Central DFS” a compact shopping zone where you can buy souvenirs, Thai dry products, and popular brands you don’t expect to find in an airport.

Get your new beauty products, a pair of jeans at Lee and Levi’s, new kicks at Nike and Adidas and a good book to read on board at B2S. Or spend your last bit of quality time sipping a good cup of coffee at Segafredo.

Last but not least, we provide a money exchange service at SCB counter, because your convenience is our priority.


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