Central Phuket Floresta

On September 10, 2018 marked the first opening day of Central Phuket Floresta in the heart of Phuket with the concept of “The Magnitude of Luxury & Leisure Resort Shopping Destination”.

Being a world-class department store with the “Luxury meets nature” decoration, the biggest retail space of Southern Thailand with more than 400 stores, a fashion destination with luxury brands, and consists of attractions all visitors must see. Central Phuket Floresta is truly a place that serves all desire and connects people from all over the world together.

Clean & green decorated passageway connecting Central Phuket Floresta & CentralFestival Phuket together
We are a global luxury destination with world-class brands such as Hermes, Gucci, etc.
“Beauty Gallerie” with all your favorite makeup brands
Lingerie zone
The Kid’s Club
An outdoor event area – Songkran 2019

Central Phuket Floresta consists of 3 main attributes that offers one-of-a-kind attractions that cannot be experienced anywhere else and is designed for all interest. First, TRIBHUM; THE MYSTIC OF THE THREE WORLDS” The world first and only fantasy adventure theme park with 3D walk-through experience & zip line adventure that integrate belief and legend. A new must-visit landmark of Phuket.

Second, AQUARIA; OCEAN OF MYTH AND LEGEND” A magical underwater journey that takes you through the wonders of the ocean and the mysteries of the rivers with over 25,000 animals. (Opens in January, 2020)

Third, TALES OF THAILAND; THAI ESSENCE AND CULTURE ALL IN ONE PLACE Tales of Thailand features products and services reflecting the four regions of the Kingdom, located on the ground floor and is divided into various zones.

A gigantic sculptures resembles a fighting scene in Ramayana with the height of a two storey building.
The big bell zone with a live Thai music session (seasonal).
A well-known Thai floating market themed decoration invites local and international visitors to relax in an authentic Thai atmosphere, while exploring street foods, souvenirs, handicrafts, aromatics, and carving pieces.

Connecting to the previous zone, you will find “Food Patio” decorated in Sino-Portuguese style inspires by Phuket Old Town with wide range of food and seating area.

Apart from tourist-must-visit attractions, to facilitate and accommodate all the needs of our local and international visitors, Central Phuket offers world-class services and amenities.


Immerse in a luxurious atmosphere, experience an array of high-quality products, including, skin & body care, room interior fragrance, and tea from top quality brands. Further amenities include: concierge services, Wi-Fi, massage chairs, cable TV, a battery charging service, nap area, shower rooms, and luggage locker room.


Offers a comprehensive range of tourist services including money exchange services (Financial Center & Western Union counter), Central The 1 Credit Card counter, hotel information, a rest area for tourists from group tours. Tourists can enjoy services like a luggage storage service, tour booking service, parcel service, airport courier service, car rental service, diving class booking service as a few.


Offers a free shuttle van round trip all day service in a route between Central Phuket and Central Patong from 11AM-9.30PM. Please check for the meeting point and terms & conditions at the store


Prayer room, First aid room, Wheelchair and baby stroller services, Tourist police, Flight and schedule information, Packing area, Concierge services (reservations required)



Central Phuket’s parking can accommodate more than 4,209 vehicles, 4,800 motorcycles, and 62 large-sized buses. Providing the exclusive service such as supercar parking, VIP parking, EV parking, and lady parking.

OPENING TIME: 10.30AM – 10.00PM

For more information and promotion & event update, please visit www.centralphuket.com

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