Travel Kathu Waterfall Phuket

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Besides beautiful beaches, there are many other touristic places. So, when you finish swimming in the beach, do not forget to visit those splendid waterfalls in Phuket as well. One of them is a small waterfall called Kathu; it is 4 kilometers away from the municipal office. This waterfall is one of the most popular touristic places among Thai and foreigners. Tourists can come up the stairs to see Kathu waterfall; the distance is 130 meters with 3-tiered height. The first tiered is for wading in where 3 dams can be found there. It is a small and clear waterfall.

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Travel Ton Nga Chang Waterfall

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It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the southern Thailand and Songkhla province. It has 7 levels. The most beautiful level is the third level called Ton Ngachang as the stream separated into two, resembling a pair of elephant’s tusks. The waterfall is in the area of Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary. Accommodations are all prepared for tourists. To see every level, you have to walk for more than 1 km. Each level has different names.

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