Food Kanomjeen Pa Lek

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Take the long ride to Tambon Mared, in the south of the island, where Pa Lek serves local favorites like kanomjeen (rice noodle) with nam ya tai (Southern-style curry), nam prik (sweet soup), and gaeng tai pla (Southern spicy soup with fish). The auntie, whose been selling here for more than 30 years, also serves other Samui classics like khao yam (rice topped with chopped fresh vegetables with Southern gravy) and pad mee kati (stir-fried noodle with coconut sauce).

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Food PA MAI (Kanom Jeen)

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Small and crowded, it’s an all time breakfast favorite, it is always full, no exceptions, you’ll have to wait for someone to finish breakfast to jump on their ‘not yet cleaned’ table or you’ll be missing it. Good news is that there is a less known but bigger one higher in the street! How it works: Pick a plate of plain rice noodle and select from large pots of curry sauces, yellow or red, with beef, chicken or fish. Then add on top all kinds of fresh veggies and herbs without which you would be missing half the taste and texture pleasure.

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