Food Croissant Taiyaki 鯛焼き

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Croissant Taiyaki arrived!!!!. Famous Snack from Japan. Croissant Taiyaki is combination of Croissant and Taiyaki.
Taiyaki like a old fashion Japanese’s dessert made from pancake powder in shape like a fish with sweet red beans inside. Now change has come. bring Croissant powder instead pancake powder and add more flavor with custard ,chocolate and etc.Its turn to more Croissant in a shape of a fish with flavor.Its very crispy and sweet. Sweet thing lover MUST TRY!!.

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Food Taste of The World Cuisine in Central Embassy

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Thai cuisine is known around the world for its intricate different preparations, unique blend of spice and herbs with layers of flavors and yumminess. That what makes the country the World’s kitchen. Plus, with the amazing array culinary delights you can find from the streets to upscale restaurants, any city in Thailand is a foodie’s heaven. Thais, hence, love to eat and it reflects in different types of cuisine throughout the city. Here we take you to Bangkok’s premiere lifestyle destination where authentic international cuisines are housed in one place. And your taste buds will thank you for it.

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Tasting the Japanese unique menus that contain the best local ingredients, local premium sake and cocktail under the sense “Wabi-Sabi”, the authentic way of Japanese arts by your own sensation, Wabi/Sabi is a modern and sleek restaurant with a design concept that leans towards minimalistic aesthetics while serving authentic Japanese cuisine. The result is a rather unique dining experience. With the guests’ privacy in mind, each dining booth is divided by black marble partitions with a projector casting colors and images for a soothing ambience. The stylish atmosphere is fitting for people looking to unwind in style while enjoying an extensive menu of Japanese dishes.

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