Food S’Mores Hunting Lodge

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With a name that makes anyone instantly think of fresh air, hiking, campfires and wooden cabins, S’Mores Hunting Lodge definitely has the design and decor to match one’s imagination. At the entrance, guests will be met with an intimidating replica of an American grizzly bear and another furry critter behind a glass casing. S’Mores Hunting Lodge’s outdoor seating definitely pays homage to the great outdoors, with genuine wooden stools and tables, making you feel like you’re in one of the many beautiful national parks in the US without the risk of getting splinter.

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Tasting the Japanese unique menus that contain the best local ingredients, local premium sake and cocktail under the sense “Wabi-Sabi”, the authentic way of Japanese arts by your own sensation, Wabi/Sabi is a modern and sleek restaurant with a design concept that leans towards minimalistic aesthetics while serving authentic Japanese cuisine. The result is a rather unique dining experience. With the guests’ privacy in mind, each dining booth is divided by black marble partitions with a projector casting colors and images for a soothing ambience. The stylish atmosphere is fitting for people looking to unwind in style while enjoying an extensive menu of Japanese dishes.

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