Food A La Turca Turkish


How many restaurants do you know which have a chef that has been cooking since the age of 9? That’s what we thought! Yet this is exactly what you will find inside Central Festival on the 5th floor at the delightful Turkish restaurant a la Turca. At a la Turca, you will find a chef who has been cooking Turkish food for nearly 40 years. You want authentic tasting Turkish food in Pattaya, a la Turca is the place to be.

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Travel 5 Things to Do in Pattaya

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As one of Thailand’s most popular beachside destinations, Pattaya is a city full of life and colour with various activities that should make for a packed weekend getaway trip. From beach-front to hill-top, and from the local market to a mega shopping complex, there are endless possibilities for you in this city. These are five things you can enjoy while taking in breath-taking view of the Gulf of Thailand.

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