Insight Look stunning on every trip! 6 items you should carry in your suitcase

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As October is approaching, we seem to start developing itchy feet − indulging ourselves in planning where to travel to unwind stress accumulated over a year of working. However, every time we pack our suitcases, we always find it hard not to carry all skincare products with you, whether it be a whole bunch of body and facial skincare products for daily skincare routine, sunscreen cream, or perfume, when the last thing you want is to haul huge suitcases everywhere you go. Therefore, these six small but mighty travel essentials we are about to recommend you will help eliminate the stress of getting ready for your trip and ensure that your suitcase is not overweight. With these travel essentials, we guarantee that you will be on top of your trip.

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Insight How many cosmetics do you have to buy while visiting Thailand?

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As we all know, during traveling in Thailand, besides from famous products such as durian chips, snail skin care products, latex pillows and green grass cream ointments, famous cosmetics brand and top-notch skin care products are also worth buying, since selling prices of skin care products and cosmetics in Thailand are much cheaper than in China, on whose purchases you can also claim a tax refund. Moreover, department stores often hold promotional activities, such as every Central Department Store in Thailand always invites customers to register for The 1 Card Tourist so as to be able to immediately enjoy 5% off and up to 6% tax refund, including a variety of deals, discounts, discounts on top of discounts, gifts, cash vouchers etc.. Needless to say, scroll down and see what kind of cosmetics, you need to buy!

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