CENTRAL Feels Just as Clean and Safe as Home to You


CENTRAL Feels Just as Clean and Safe as Home to You

With 26 Robust Measures Spanning 5 Aspects

1. “Central is…Safe”

  • Require all employees wear masks and face shields at all times while working, and clean hands with sanitary gel before and after service;
  • Check all employees’ temperatures every three hours;
  • Set air exchange rate at 10 air changes per hour according to the globally accepted air change rate standard for department stores and constantly monitor it, as well as install UV-C disinfection system to keep the air conditioning system disinfected at all time;
  • Introduce a tracking system for tracking information of the customers having come to shop as well as employees coming to work at the store.

2. “Central is…Screening”

  • Check temperatures of all customers, employees, be it storefront employees, office employees or tenant store customers, and visitors, as well as provide them sanitary gel before entering the store. Those whose temperature exceeds 37.5°C will not be allowed to enter the store and will be recommended to see a doctor immediately;
  • Require all customers, employees, be it storefront employees, office employees or tenant store customers, and visitors wear masks before entering the store. Those who do not bring masks will be recommended to buy at the screening point at every entrance;
  • Screen all employees before returning to work by requiring them to complete self-assessment forms via links or QR codes specified by the company. Those with a risk of COVID-19 shall self-quarantine under close monitoring for at least 14 days and regularly self-examine for symptoms of the disease.

3. “Central is…Clean”

  • For products that require direct contact with customers, such as lingerie, swimwear, clothing, shoes, and kitchenware, they shall be sanitized after being tried on or touched and the interior of every fitting room shall be sanitized after every service;
  • Cover a carpet at every entrance with fabric, spray it with disinfectant, and change the fabric twice a day or more as appropriate for each branch;
  • Install automatic UV-C disinfection system (at some branches) to keep escalator handrails disinfected at all time;
  • Provide sanitary gel at various spots, such as entrances, information counters, cashier counters, and elevators, as well as check the spots every two hours to make sure the gel is always available;
  • Clean restrooms every 30 minutes and install a toilet seat sanitizing dispenser in every toilet stall;
  • Execute cleaning in strict accordance with the specified cleaning schedule, as well as deep clean all sales areas and service rooms using disinfectant, ozone sterilization devices, and UV-C disinfection devices after closing every day;
  • Disinfect frequent and common touchpoints, such as escalator handrails, door handles, and elevator buttons, with disinfectant every half hour;
  • Disinfect parking cards and food court cards with disinfectant before and after every use.

4. “Central is…Distancing”

  • Adopt a reduced capacity limit of 1 person per 5 sq.m. of floor space, which is carried out using a strict counting system;
  • Mark out lines on the floor at every entrance and waiting area for lines for service points, such as cashier counters, customer service counters, restrooms, elevators, escalators, shops and food courts to ensure all individuals maintain social distance;
  • Space seating at every service room area, resting area in sales areas, and waiting area for lines for counters as well as food and beverage service points, as well as replace tableware pieces in the lounge, such as glasses and spoons, with disposable ones;
  • Set up a contact area for visitors and food delivery staff with visible labels and floor stickers for spaced standing, as well as execute cleaning in strict accordance with the specified cleaning schedule;
  • Assign staff to ensure customers keep between them a safe distance according to the standard of the Ministry of Public Health;
  • Separate queue lines for entrance and exit, with each taking one side of the door;
  • Install a window shield at every customer service counter, and a table shield on every table in restaurants and food courts;
  • Install campaign signs to raise awareness and prevent the spread of COVID-19, including guidelines to be followed in each specific area, such as restroom, elevator, and escalator.

5. “Central is…A Touchless Experience”

  • Promote payments via mobile banking or e-payment instead of cash;
  • In case of cash payment, banknotes and coins received from customers will be collected separately to be disinfected using ozone sterilization devices before being returned as change, while change will be placed on a tray and handed to customers to avoid direct contact;
  • Installing a foot pedal opener on every toilet stall door and service room door to avoid touching.


With the aforementioned robust measures, Central Department Store will feel just as clean, safe, and worry-free as home to you.


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