Valentine’s Couple’s Gifts for Lovey-Dovey Couples

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, we start wondering

What to give our significant other to remind them how lucky we feel to have them in our life

Here comes February and we have one more reason to be on the look for perfect days to embark on a trip and indulge ourselves in some lovey-dovey moments, and for perfect gifts to gift them during the trip as perfect reminders of how lucky we feel to be the one to find them. Valentine’s Day classics like flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears have earned their spots as go-to gifts, but sometimes it never hurts to go with matching couple gifts tailored for newly exclusive couples to romance the love of your life. Without further ado, let’s have a sneak peek into “Valentine’s Couple’s Gifts for Lovey-Dovey Couples” that will remind ourselves of the bond we share wherever we are.

1. Couple Mugs

An all-time favorite gift comes in a pair and with texts and photos to make newly exclusive couples feel even more special. Try finding personalized couple mugs with a custom text and photo to use at home together to make your mornings better with first cup of coffee served in the couple mugs and remind you that at the end of the day we have each other, or to use at work to remind you of the bond you share with your beloved every time you lay your eyes upon it.

MINI MONO Mr. Mustache Mug

80 THB


MINI MONO Mrs. Lip Mug

80 THB

2. Couple Shirts

For working-aged couples, we wear shirts or t-shirts every day, so why don’t we enhance your love life with perfect matching couple shirts or personalized couple t-shirts with a custom design pattern. Picture this scene — two lovebirds embark on holiday trips and indulge themselves in some lovey-dovey moments, wearing perfect matching couple shirts and taking festive pics with famous landmarks. How is it possible for passersby not to smile and praise “What a lovely couple!

LEE 101+ Collection Denim Shirt Long Sleeve

2,190 THB

Size M

Size L

Size 2L/XL

Size 3L/2XL

LEE Mainline Denim Shirt

1,890 THB

Size S

Size M

Size L

Size 2L/XL

3. Couple Scarves

Nothing represents true love more than knitted scarves made of threads of love. While we would not be opposed to you knitting two one-of-a-kind scarves all by yourself, we know better than to learn to knit from scratch only to find ourselves racking our brains trying to find the pattern that goes well with both of you. Fortunately, many global brands out there enter well-matched couple scarves with the same color and slightly different pattern for you to wrap around your beloved one’s neck and yours.

Marks & Spencer Tassel Jewellery Scarf Black

790 THB

Marks & Spencer Scarf
490 THB

4. Couple Keychains

For those who want to make their relationship a little bit low-key, keychains, one of the most popular souvenirs that possess a strong memory of the places that you have been to, are certainly for you. Try snapping a customized name keychain with the same design or a matching keychain on your belongings, or putting a house key on the keychain so that every time you use the key you are reminded of another place you find your home in.

CENTRAL Keyring 17KEYRINGTUK Tuk Tuk Print

195 THB

CENTRAL Keyring 17KEYRINGCHA Chang Print

195 THB

Hello Kitty x Crayon Shinchan Key Chain with Mascot Multi-color

695THB save 15%


Hello Kitty Key Chain with Mascot Multi-color

 695THB save 15%


5. Couple Rings

Giving a ring to your couple is not limited to those newly-wed couples in wedding ceremonies. Investing in couple “promise” rings has a deeper meaning behind it — couple rings help express commitment between couples to long-lasting love when words fall short, holding the underlying pledge that you will always be faithful to each other, make better choice for one another, build each other up, and not hesitate to make sacrifices for the good of the relationship, and that the engagement is in their future.



Apart from these five Valentine’s couple gifts, there still is a wide selection of products available at every Central Department Store and

** Price may vary depending on available promotions **

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