Up-and-coming rose gold watches to match with your style


Nowadays we are literally just one click away from celebrities who we adore, and emulating the iconic look and extravagant lifestyle of our beloved celebrities is much easier than ever before thanks to the highly visual content on Instagram, which emerged as a top avenue for celebrities to engage with their fans from around the world and help them keep abreast with ever-changing fashion trends. While we appreciated what the first half of 2018 blessed us, our wardrobe’s more than ready for getting inspired! However, due to the fact that it’s hard to envision what next fashion trends might look like, we can sympathize the struggle to turn eyes towards the future to stay on top of the fashion game and ahead of the common crowd, to update our wardrobe before all new items are unveiled on the runways around the globe, and not to end up coiling in fear of hopping on the new fashion trends before they even happen. Mark our words, while we’re no psychics, we can still make an educated guess what color women everywhere will be trying out in the second half of 2018 — and maybe even beyond. And that color is none other than ROSE GOLD, a fresh alternative to traditional yellow, gold and silver, which has seeped into and already taken over literally almost every style category, especially watches that those celebrities keep flaunting on Instagram recently. Here are “Up-and-coming rose gold watches to match with your style” that you need to own before other rose-gold fashion items become popular and are seen on the wrist of women strutting down both the catwalks and city streets around the world!

ALBA Wrist Watch AH7H20X Rose Gold

Feature a round stainless-steel rose gold case with 50m water resistance adorned with Swarovski crystal beads, a stainless-steel bracelet, a 33mm dial with date display, 3 indexes inlaid with Swarovski crystal beads. Boast modern, sporty, yet still quite dashing design that can be well matched with a wide variety of outfits in the wearer’s wardrobe. Embody the archetype of a modern working woman who will accept nothing less than absolute success.


3,500 Baht

MICHAEL KORS Wrist Watch MK6307 Rose Gold


15,400 Baht

COACH Wrist Watch CO14502167 Rose Gold

Feature a stainless-steel rose gold round case with scratch-proof glass transparent cover, a stainless-steel rose gold bracelet, a 40mm dial with COACH logo, and 3 indexes. Boast COACH-signature minimalistic, elegant, yet subtly bold, stylish design that can easily teamed up with any casual outfit in the wearer’s wardrobe and elevate her minimalistic aesthetics to a whole new level.


14,400 Baht

GUESS Wrist Watch SOHO W0638L4 Rose Gold

Feature a stainless-steel rose plating round case that can withstand slight splashes and rain, a stainless-steel bracelet, a 36.5mm dial, and 3 indexes. Boast classic, yet so eye-catching design with timeless appeal that blends easily with almost any outfit in the wearer’s wardrobe and makes her stand out from the crowd. Inspired by an extravagant lifestyle of fashionista always staying ahead of fashion trends.


9,500 Baht

DKNY Wrist Watch NY2541 Rose Gold

Feature a stainless-steel round case with 50m water resistance and scratch-proof mineral glass-made transparent cover, an 18mm simple, yet so detailed stainless-steel bracelet, a 36mm dial, and 3 indexes. Boast elegant, yet so stylish design that can be well matched with a wide variety of outfits in the wearer’s wardrobe and exudes an elegant vibe of working woman.


14,500 Baht




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