How many cosmetics do you have to buy while visiting Thailand?

As we all know, during traveling in Thailand, besides from famous products such as durian chips, snail skin care products, latex pillows and green grass cream ointments, famous cosmetics brand and top-notch skin care products are also worth buying, since selling prices of skin care products and cosmetics in Thailand are much cheaper than in China, on whose purchases you can also claim a tax refund. Moreover, department stores often hold promotional activities, such as every Central Department Store in Thailand always invites customers to register for The 1 Card Tourist so as to be able to immediately enjoy 5% off and up to 6% tax refund, including a variety of deals, discounts, discounts on top of discounts, gifts, cash vouchers etc.. Needless to say, scroll down and see what kind of cosmetics, you need to buy!

BioTherm Aquasource Central department store

  1. Summer is not our enemy, sunshine is a friend!

Thai beauties know how to deal with the problems of skin hydration, dryness, and darkening. Do you want to upgrade your clear, hydrated and glowing skin during this summer? Biotherm Aquasource is enriched with thermal plankton, which can help the skin retain moisture for long-lasting hydration, and make it more hydrated and translucent. You can buy Biotherm Aquasource in Bangkok at #CentralsFlagshipStore #CentralChidlom, CentralFestival Chiang Mai and CentralFestival Samui

Loc citane Central department Store

  1.  The beauty of your hands should not be overlooked

Central Department Store tells you that the ultimate secret to irresistible hands is nothing more than moisturizing, moisturizing, and then moisturizing. Hand cream should be a must in your life. Applying L’OCCITANE hand cream at any moment thorough the day can keep your hands delicate. So you don’t have to worry about being criticized by your boyfriend for the dry and rough hands.

Bobbi Brown Central Department Store

  1.  DayToNight Charm

Bobbi Brown launched its new products! It is the famous cordyceps sinensis liquid foundation. As the name suggests, it contains precious cordyceps sinensis, which has a potent skin-nourishing effect. Bobbi Brown uses high-end cutting-edge bi-phase cold fusion technology to effectively extract active ingredients of cordyceps sinensis, and ensure that nutrients are absorbed into skin. Not only that, there are multiple plant essences, which make the cordyceps sinensis liquid foundation completely turn into a type of skin care makeup product. Central Chidlom, CentralFestival Chiang Mai, CentralFestival Pattaya Beach have cosmetics sales floor, which rules the first floor of the department stores and shopping centers.


Remember them! And don’t miss them while visiting Thailand!

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