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Souvenirs are merely just gifts or memorabilia you buy for your loved ones back at home. They often tell certain stories and serve as nostalgic reminders of those wonderful experiences you encountered during your stay or journey. Let these wonderful gifts tell the tales of memorable tastes and mesmerizing times you had in Thailand.

Thai silk Jim Thompson .jpg
Thai_Silk (Jim Thompson)


Those who love shopping will be interested in the accessories, clothing and soft furnishings at Jim Thompson. Established in 1951, their endless choices of lavish Thai silk products come in various shades and styles – a classic finish to any outfit.
Where to get: CentralWorld/ CentralFestival Phuket/ CentralFestival Samui

Thai SPA Harrn

SPA Products

Harnn and Thann are two leading Thai brands that bring aromatherapy to a whole new level. With their highly standardised spa products—ranging from soap, oils & lotions to candles, all infused with rosebud, jasmine and traditional Thai herbs like lemongrass and bergamot, they are a must-have on a visitors’ list to bring home luxurious memories.

Panpuri is the name synonymous to the aged-old ancient healing philosophy that involves the use of aromas extracted from herbs, flowers and roots to bring about physical, mental and spiritual balance. Thanks to modern science, this trio in balance is brewed into bottles that come in all forms, shapes and sizes, ready for you to take home.
Where to get: Central Department Store


Thai gift_elephant_parade
limited edition Elephant Parade replicas

Home & Deco

Bring home some elephants! No, we don’t mean real life ones, but those cute limited edition Elephant Parade replicas made and hand-painted by famous artists and celebrities. This is part of the worldwide effort to help support the Conservation of Asian Elephants Organisation who throws the world’s largest open-air elephant statue exhibits in selected cities.
Where to get: Central Department Store

Thai gift central department store1

Bangkok Pouch

No doubt you will have passed more than one NaRaYa store while navigating your way around the bustling streets of Bangkok. Their high quality textiles provide great gift for loved ones, or a few treats for you. With bags, accessories, home décor and kitchenware, NaRaYa is known for bold colours, luxurious fabrics and eye-catching designs that offer fabulousness and functionality.
Where to get: CentralWorld/ CentralFestival Chiangmai/ CentralFestival Pattaya Beach

Thai gift central department store11

Deep-fried Durian

With its fearsome look, strong taste and smell, there is no doubt that the durian is dubbed the king of Thai fruit. As with being a kingly fruit, it isn’t always accessible to everyone, from a culinary stand point. But with a little help from modern freeze dry technology, the king of fruit is brought down from the throne and turned into addictive crunchy chips snack made enjoyable for all, including those who initially wanted to get closer but still too afraid of its stately aroma.
Where to get: Tops Supermarket

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Thai crispy coconut rolls

Once you try it, you simply can’t stop. You can’t leave Thailand without snatching a box or two of this famous Thongmuan or Thai crispy coconut rolls for your loved ones to try. This traditional Thai aromatic coconut-based condiment comes in various assortments and flavours, from original coconut, chocolate to coffee, nicely wrapped in a modern package.
Where to get: Tops Supermarket


banana choco_thai gift

Banana Products

Traditional Thai people turn to one of the most abundant and common garden plants like the banana for a variety of uses. Technically, the whole banana tree can be used; from its trunk, flower to the leaves, whether it’s for cooking, building or decoration. But of course, the most common part is the banana fruit. With the advent of modern food technology, we are capable of turning our beloved banana into an assortment of food products, nicely packaged for you to bring back home.
Where to get: Tops Supermarket

Thai gift central department store

Thai Traditional Inhalants and Scented Wax Balms

Herbal infusion inhalants and scented wax balms come in all sizes, shapes, scents and colours and are indigenous to the general Thai population. They help relieve of nausea, dizziness and are great for muscle pain and bruises. Curious visitors have spotted them and almost instantanesouly they’ve become a must-buy.
Where to get: Tops Supermarket

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