Ten truly hypnotic, bewitching fragrances that evoke titillating sensuous olfactory fantasy


“Such a mystery, yet so familiar”

Just a whiff of a faint scent clung to hair and skin of a passerby and you found yourself transported back to your childhood or to a place so unfamiliar yet familiar. It seemed like it had been left behind, but then you woke up and there it was still stuck in your nose, lingering in your mind. Like you’d be able to resist the pull to the olfactory time-travel fantasy? Let’s face it, we all desire to wrap ourselves up in enticing and alluring scents, since they conjure a vivid recollection of scattered intimate memories like homemade supercut. Likewise, how can they resist the pull to the people wearing the fragrance that perfectly suits their personality and provokes their titillating transgressive olfactory fantasy? Elevate impression to a whole new level with Ten Truly Hypnotic, Bewitching Fragrances That Evoke Titillating Sensuous Olfactory Fantasy that will definitely add a serious dose of sex appeal to your Valentine’s Day date night.

1. PRADA Candy Leau Fragrance EDT 80 ml.

Prada_Candy_leau_Fragrance - Copy

4,800 Baht

Fragrance for her that exudes an alluring and unexpected, pleasure-seeking and enigmatic scent, featuring refreshing citrus top notes, relaxing floral middle notes and caressing base notes of white musk, embodying liveliness, playfulness, elegance and mystery of femininity of a fictional young female character.

2. ELIZABETH ARDEN Red Door EDT Spray 100 ml.


3,150 Baht

Classic fragrance for her that entices with an alluring sweet scent of a myriad of exotic flowers blended with a sensual scent of woody and powdery notes with hints of honey and spice, truly capturing the sophisticated, glamourous, and undeniably seductive individuality of a classy woman.

3. JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Classique EDP 100 ml.


4,700 Baht

Fragrance for her that boasts its sensual, ultra-feminine scent with tender, yet alluring top notes of pear and rose serving as a first blast, preluding to sweet, slightly obtrusive middle notes of orchid and cananga, and underlined by a caressing base notes of amber, musk, and vanilla.

4. TORY BURCH Holiday Set (3 Pieces)


5,300 Baht

Fragrance for her that captures classic elements in unexpected ways — an additively fascinating feminine scent with a naughty energetic tomboy twist, featuring an alluring scent of a myriad of exotic flowers, embodying the celebration of women’s triumph in the male-dominated games after.


5. MICHAEL KORS Sexy Amber Gift Set (3 Pieces)


4,400 Baht

Amber-colored fragrance that boasts its earthy, unobtrusive, yet captivating scent with sensual top notes of musk and sandalwood, leading to bright and vibrant middle notes of orange blossom and mandarin, resting on sweet floral base notes of flowers of white color.

6. DKNY Be Delicious Be Delightful

DKNY Be Delicious Be Delightful 1

3,200 Baht

Unisex fragrance in a curvaceous apple-shaped flacon that inherits confident elegance and nonchalant optimism of youth, featuring a fresh energetic, yet gorgeous scent with fruity, floral and spice notes, opening with refreshing top notes of grapefruit and magnolia, orchestrated by relaxing middle notes of lavender, rose and green apple, then resonated with tender, sensual base notes of amber and sandalwood.

7. TOMMY HILFIGER Tommy Girl American Refreshments Set (3 Pieces)


3,300 Baht

Fruity floral fragrance for her that radiates with its unique gleeful blend of succulent and delicate scent of myriad florals and fruits, featuring juicy and vibrant citrus notes serving as a first blast, followed by a wave of sweet invigorating floral notes, formulated to evoke a playful yet elegant side of you.

8. PRADA Luna Rossa EDT 100 ml.



3,800 Baht

Fragrance for him that has a dynamic, sportive and energetic opening orchestrated by the sublime combination of notes of bitter orange and lavender, resonated with a soft and tender scent of notes of mint, ambrette, and ambroksan, conveying the challenge of extreme sailing.

9. PACO RABANNE Invictus EDT 100 ml.


3,700 Baht

Sporty fragrance for him that possesses a powerful and fresh yet sensual scent of a myriad of flowers with hints of fresh grapefruit, mandarin and marine accord, blended with a relaxing and sensual scent of floral and woody notes, representing triumphant masculinity, meant for the champion at the top of his game.

10. ARAMIS Holiday Eau De Toilette Set (2 Pieces)


2,200 Baht

Classy fragrance for him that exudes a pure, undistilled, manly, yet surprisingly delicate scent of citrus, floral and spice notes that revolve around leather notes, embodying all qualities associated with traditional, sophisticated and refined masculinity.

Apart from these ten fragrances, there still is a wide selection of products available at every Central Department Store and www.central.co.th.

**Price may vary depending on available promotions**



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