Say Hello to Halogen Oven, Goodbye Fat and Oil for Good!

Goodbye Fat and Oil for Good

Say Hello to Halogen Oven That Will Make You Fall In Love With Cooking Again


Some housewives and househusbands like you may already be familiar with, or might already have mastered, a halogen oven, a functionality-wise versatile, unbelievably healthy alternative to a traditional built-in, full-sized oven, that came to revolutionize the way you cook through a combination of grilling and roasting, from meals like juicy steaks and fresh vegetables, to a wide variety of desserts like cakes and eclairs. Not only are the halogen ovens sleekly designed to be less space-consuming, being able to be fit in only a couple of square feet of empty counter space, but it also produces instant and intense heat, provides fan-assisted even heat distribution throughout the bowl that enables you to cook faster, healthier, and more energy-efficiently than conventional ovens without losing the quality of ingredients, nutrients, and flavor of food, and having to use adding additional fats or oils when cooking. Furthermore, when cooking you can indulge yourself in the intimate and exciting experience of watching the ingredients changing minute by minute. All things considered, when refitting the kitchen, it never hurts to consider replacing your conventional oven with the halogen option. Here are Halogen Oven Recipes that will enable you to make the most of your halogen oven.



A halogen oven has plenty of benefits to offer — roasting, grilling, broiling, steaming, boiling, baking, and even defrosting and reheating leftover foods can be carried out evenly to deliver only impressive results. It cooks a wide variety of international dishes almost as quickly as a microwave oven, whether it be roasted chicken, grilled pork ribs, broiled salmon, steamed vegetables, or even pizzas, with the added bonus of browning and crisping the foods like cooking with a conventional oven.


MY HOME HT-A12 12-Litre Halogen Oven

1,290 Baht




Baking cakes, whether it be cupcakes, banana cakes, brownie cakes, or even fudge cakes, is much quicker in a halogen oven, which is great for whipping up last-minute cakes for unexpected visitors. For baking fudge cakes, it’s recommended that you cover the baking tray with aluminum foil and perforate the foil before baking so that the whole face is baked thoroughly and becomes soft, smooth, fudgy, and deliciously rich.


TEFAL FZ711867 Halogen Oven

Special Offer 4,990 Baht (Regular Price 6,990 Baht)



Electric Oven

Electric oven is another cooking device every housewife and househusband should own. It provides even heat distribution that enables you to heat foods on every shelf equally thoroughly, roasting, grilling and baking the inside to perfection faster and at a lower temperature without burning the outside and losing the quality of ingredients, nutrients, and flavor of food.


ORBIT NEO 18-Litre Microwave Convection Oven with Grill

Special Offer 2,800 Baht (Regular Price 3,500 Baht)



Apart from halogen ovens, there still is a wide selection of products available at every Central Department Store and


**Price may vary depending on available promotions**

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