Kiss your way through valentine’s day with 8 loveable pink lipsticks

“Pink Lipstick still gets love and affection”


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most people think of red and pink color which represent love and affection. As is the case with cosmetics, most brands go with these two colors for Valentine’s collection, especially pink color which is sweet, cute, and girly, and being regularly incorporated into various makeup looks in anticipation of romantic infatuation. And that one item which never fails to find its own place in every Valentine’s makeup look is none other than “Pink Lipstick” every woman owns. Not only is pink considered the color for those who start wearing makeup, but it also is the color that comes to man’s mind when it comes to buying the perfect Valentine’s gift for his crush, and the color that women resort to when they can’t decide which look to rock. Just by wearing pink lipstick, you can survive everyday life. And now let’s take a peek into which pink lipsticks are worth owning in order to kiss your way through Valentine’s Day.


ลิปสติกสีชมพู ESTĒE LAUDER

ESTĒE LAUDER Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion Pink Fleur 1,250 baht


ลิปสติกสีชมพู ลังโคม

LANCÔME L’Absolu Rouge Matte Lipstick #393 RÔSE ROSE 1,400 baht


ลิปสติกสีชมพู ILLAMASQUA

ILLAMASQUA IQ Lipstick Antimatter Charge 990 baht >> Shop Now


ลิปสติกสีชมพู THE HISTORY OF WHOO

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lipstick #12 1,950 baht >> Shop Now


ลิปสติกสีชมพู URBAN DECAY Vice Lipstick

URBAN DECAY Vice Lipstick Naked 850 baht


ลิปสติกสีชมพู GUERLAIN KissKiss

GUERLAIN KissKiss Shaping Cream Lip Color #564 Pearly Pink 1,540 baht >> Shop Now


ลิปสติกสีชมพู ลาเนจ

LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar #14 Dear Pink 950 baht >> Shop Now



ลิปสติกสีชมพู TOO FACED Sweet Peach

TOO FACED Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss Peach, Please! 890 baht


Apart from these eight products, there still is a wide selection of products available at every Central Department Store and

**Price may vary depending on available promotions**

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