Gorgeous in your 30s! 4 Makeup looks for women in their 30s inspired by SONG HYE KYO

When it comes to female celebrities, who are still gorgeous in their 30s, one of the first names that come to mind is none other than Song Hye Kyo, a South Korea-born actress who rapidly rose to superstardom thanks to her well-honed acting skill she incorporated into her roles in a broad spectrum of film/series projects, from Autumn in My Heart, which is hands down one of the top tearjerker series of all time, to Full House, which made her and Jeong Ji Hoon (Rain) one of the most shipped couple of all time, to recently-completed Descendants of the Sun, which put people around the world in a dilemma whether to sleep and go to work or sacrifice sleep for shipping Doctor Kang and Yoo Si-jin (played by Song Joong-ki). In spite of being in her late 30s, Song Hye Kyo still flaunts her timeless beauty which all women in their 30s want to achieve. Here are “4 Makeup Looks For Women in Their 30s Inspired By SONG HYE KYO”, which guarantee that every woman in their early 20s will envy.

Double Fabulous Lips


Inspired by Doctor Kang’s gorgeous ombre lips from “Descendants of the Sun”, which made netizens eager to find out which cosmetics brand was used on set, Double fabulous lips is an everyday lip makeup for all occasions, which you can achieve with a couple of swipes of LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar, the best-selling cosmetics item of the Korean cosmetics brand. Designed to deliver a highly-glossy, matte finish and lasting wear while enhancing depth and dimension on your lips, LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar glides on smoothly and evenly without leaving residues or settling into cracks on lips, creates the illusion of a smaller and cuter mouth that makes you look much younger.

LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar No.5 Darling Darling 950 baht

LANEIGE Two-Tone-Lip-Bar No.5 Darling Darling


Effortlessly Sweet


We all still remember the day when Song Hye Kyo graced Paris Fashion Week with sweet makeup look, glamorous white dress and effortless wavy hair, which accentuate the star’s pristine beauty like it was yesterday! It goes without saying that smooth skin texture is a prerequisite for achieving this killer makeup look, however, mastering this makeup look requires something that holds them all in place and prevents them from going cakey while keeping the skin as neutral as possible to make natural skin complexion noticeable. That being said, you don’t need a whole arsenal of makeup items to pull it off. We recommend keeping makeup game simple. Try applying LANEIGE Lumi Block Primer, which is designed to smooth out skin, keep makeup in place, blur pores to near invisibility, and brighten your skin.

LANEIGE Lumi Block Primer 1,100 baht



Glamorous Skin


Song Hye Kyo wearing a navy blue dress while attending Korean Film Festival was a pure work of art! She flaunted a glamorous skin makeup look and Korean-style, see-through bang that accentuated her flawless glowing dewy skin, making her look much younger. To pull off this full glam makeup, start with applying LANEIGE Water Supreme Foundation Shade on your skin, spreading into a thin, even layer all over facial skin to blur imperfections. Seal everything in with foundation powder, which instantly sets and perfects makeup for a smooth, flawless finish. Then apply light-colored blush to your cheeks and light-colored lipstick to your lips. Finish the look off with highlighter, adding a dashing glow to the skin.

LANEIGE Water Supreme Foundation Shade No.21 Natural Beige 1,300 baht



Instant Smooth


Apart from Doctor Kang’s gorgeous ombre lips, her velvety smooth skin also stole the show. The secret behind her flawless skin perfection is none other than LANEIGE BB Cushion Anti-Aging Natural Beige, the second best-selling product of the Korean cosmetics brand. Formulated to deliver a natural yet airbrushed look without causing any powdery effect, LANEIGE BB Cushion blends seamlessly onto the skin to instantly minimize the appearance of imperfections while letting skin complexion show through and leaving skin looking smoother and younger.

LANEIGE BB Cushion Anti-Aging Natural Beige 1,600 baht



Apart from these four cosmetics items, there still is a wide selection of products available at every Central Department Store and www.central.co.th.

**Price may vary depending on available promotions**

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