Get UPDATED! The best skincare products to look for in 2018


Men’s skincare products are not just women’s skincare products packaged in a black bottle!

Long gone are the days when skincare products were created solely for women; when men took their skin for granted, blindly buying products not formulated to respond to the needs of their skin. Nowadays, men have become as meticulous as women when it comes to choosing skincare products to incorporate into their ideal daytime and nighttime ritual and to ensure their overall dashing good looks, which play a vital role in personality improvement and charm enhancement. We are sure that you are relentless in pursuit of bare skin perfection, being well aware that your skincare routine always has room for improvement. It’s time to make some modifications to your skincare regimen! Without further ado, let’s have a sneak peek into “Get UPDATED! The Best Skincare Products To Look For In 2018”!

1. LANEIGE Homme Active Water Gel Cream



With Double Moisture Layer technology that protects and replenishes skin with moisture, the gel-like cream transforms into a film upon contact, delivering an instant and long-lasting hydration, making the skin moist, vibrant and healthy-looking while leaving the skin feeling fresh but not greasy all day long. (1,150 Baht)

2. LANEIGE Homme Active Water Moisturizer



Formulated with Active Water Plus, which is designed to make skin moist and revitalized all day long as if having just showered, the lightweight gel-type moisturizer is quickly absorbed by the skin, instantly delivers a surge of moisture and sustains moisture in men’s skin which is likely to be dehydrated while providing shine-free, non-greasy, smooth finish. (1,000 Baht)

3. L’OCCITANE Cedrat Global Face Gel



Enriched with organic Corsican Cedrat Extract with energizing properties, the moisturizing gel is quickly absorbed, instantly provides hydration, helps visibly revitalize the skin and reduce signs of fatigue, while leaving the skin moist and vibrant but not greasy all day long. Recommended for normal and combination skin (1,590 Baht)

4. LAB SERIES Pro LS All-In-One Face Hydrating Gel



The lightweight moisturizing gel is quickly absorbed upon contact, delivers a continuous surge of moisture that instantly soothes and refreshes skin, enhances skin’s radiance, while leaving the skin feeling and looking healthy all day long without irritating or leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. Recommended for all skin types. (1,500 Baht)

5. LAB SERIES Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask



With a combination of clays, charcoal, and high-performance ingredients, the purifying face clay mask helps unclog pores, remove excess oil, embedded impurities and pollutions, deeply purify and visibly shrink pore size while leaving skin looking clean, clear, and healthy. (1,250 Baht)

6. BIOTHERM Homme Aquapower Fresh Lotion-in-Gel

BIOTHERM-Homme-Aquapower-Fresh-Lotion-in-GelSHOP NOW

Containing Amino Acid, Vitamin C, E and B5, the ultralight refreshing 2-in-1 gel cools, tones, hydrates, revitalizes and protects skin from pollutions while leaving skin feeling fresh all day long. (1,500 Baht)

7. SHISEIDO MEN Cleansing Foam Mousse



The high-performance daily-use cleansing foam washes away excess oil and embedded impurities, soothes inflamed skin, and helps reduce acne while leaving skin feeling fresh without drying it out. (980 Baht)

8. L’OREAL PARIS Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Lotion



Enriched with Northern Birch Sap, the moisturizing lotion soothes, hydrates, smooths and protects skin from pollutions while leaving skin looking vibrant and healthy. Recommended for all skin types. (399 Baht)

Apart from these eight skincare products, there still is a wide selection of products available at every Central Department Store and

**Price may vary depending on available promotions**

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