Flattering Style Tips for Plus-Sized Men to Instantly Look Slimmer

To say they know the real struggle of finding and defining their personal style would be an understatement… They know it ALL TOO WELL!

Pervasive in the general public’s consciousness is the fact that no one knows the real struggle of attaining the beauty standard of muscular rippedness and the frustrating journey to find and define their personal style better than men with some meat on their bones. Though there is a plethora of style advice for men who are on the large side out there, they are still struggling daily with sartorial dilemmas when building a wardrobe, and self-shaming thoughts about their appearance can be a seriously detrimental blow to their self-esteem, leading to feeling discouraged and even giving up on losing weight, or developing preoccupations with seemingly healthy ways to lose weight.


First of all, don’t feel bad about being round-bellied, broad-shouldered, big-bottomed, or all three at once. Keep fighting through the pain, sweat, and fatigue to reap the rewards of a muscularly lean, perfectly chiseled strong body with well-defined muscles. However, while you are already in the midst of a weight loss journey, working on shedding those extra pounds — of course, for the benefits of your physical and mental health — you still need to dress the body you have right now. You shouldn’t wait until you’ve reached the ultimate goal to start trying to look your best. Here are flattering style tips for plus-sized guys to instantly look slimmer.


Basic Styling Tips

  • Know your body – Your first consideration with choosing clothing items should always be that you know your body, regardless of whether you are on the small side or on the large side, or, to be more precise, analyze the proportion of length, width and height of your body and limbs since it is important in the perception of human beauty;
  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose – Wearing clothes that fit nicely is always one of the safest, most basic and practical tips. Especially for plus-sized guys, wearing clothes that are too tight will accentuate your body and restrict your movement, making you feel uncomfortable, while loose clothes will hang off of your torso with visible bulges, wrinkles and folds of extra sagging cloth that swamp your body frame, making your outline look sloppy and seem even bigger than it actually is;
  • Avoid wearing shorts – Never should plus-sized guys wear shorts. It’s downright horrible since shorts draw more attention to the fact that you are overweight and accentuate the difference between your torso and your lower part, making your legs seem longer and leaner in comparison and, as a result, your overall figure seem even larger, bulkier, and less proportionate than it actually is. It is highly recommended that you wear below-the-knee or long trousers that perfectly fit your thighs for the optical illusion of overall greater height and slimmer body frame;


  • Wearing dark-toned outfits – Clothing items in dark colors, such as navy blue and black, make a terrific job of giving the impression that they can disguise your large physique, instantly making your silhouette slender than it actually is. While we would not be opposed to people exercising a little more patience until they achieve a sculpted physique to be able to wear light-toned clothing items, we know better than to deprive ourselves of our way of brightening up our days. In case you desperately want to wear them, it’s highly recommended that you try layering — wear dark-toned items, such as blazers, on top of lighter-toned items — to brighten up your overall look and visually narrow down your silhouette;
  • Wearing V-neck or polo shirts – Shirts with a spread and stiff collar like V-neck and polo shirts that stay as vertical as possible and is deep enough to expose your chest help balance out the disproportion between your torso and your face and visually elongate your neck, making the neckline appear longer, double chins a little less noticeable, as opposed to turtlenecks that cover your neckline, making you seem rounder and bulkier than you actually are. The shirts visually streamline your appearance and give off the optical illusion of greater height and proportional length;
  • Wearing outfits made of sheer fabrics Steer away from heavier or thicker fabrics at all cost as they not only accentuate your weight and give your shape a bulky outline, but also retain heat and contribute to excessive sweating. Instead, switch to sheer and light fabrics that hang close to the body and drape in clean lines from top to toe without visible bulges, wrinkles and folds of extra sagging cloth, and layer up, if needing, to get warm during colder seasons without adding extra bulk to your body.


Fluttering Styling Tips

  • Wearing slightly wider ties and tying big necktie knots help keep your large torso looking proportional as opposed to thinner ties and tiny knots that make you look enormous and clownish instead;
  • Wearing more subtle, thinner vertical stripes helps in visually cutting down your weight, elongating your torso, and giving you the slimmer look while wider vertical and horizontal stripes make you appear wider;
  • Avoiding large graphics, bold patterns, and contrasting colors that draw more attention to your physique and emphasize your waistline, and, instead, opting for monochromatic outfits with subtle patterns as they disguise your bulky figure, de-emphasize your weight and size, making you look leaner, or layering dark-toned clothing items over lighter-toned clothing items to visually shed extra pounds of your body.


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