Flattering Dressing Tips for Women to Slay Red

This Chinese New Year, You Deserve to Shine Like a Diamond

Flattering Dressing Tips for Women to Slay Red

Undoubtedly, when we think of Chinese New Year, the first thing that pops up in our mind is nothing other than RED, the color symbolizing auspiciousness, prosperity, luck and good fortune that is omnipresent everywhere and on everyone. The holiday is a two-week festival filled with reunions among family and friends in celebration of the coming of a new year — and an abundance of wishes for a new year filled with prosperity, joy, and good fortune. However, more often than not, with every family gathering and celebration come elders’ unsolicited remarks about younger generations being committed to chasing trends rather than inheriting traditional cultures. While we would not be opposed to you trading in your self-taught, self-made style for CNY-approved style for once, we know better than to give in and sacrifice your honed-in aesthetics for the sake of pleasing those people, since you already know that showing up all dressed up in traditional CNY outfits at family gatherings seem to never satisfy them.

We accept nothing less than PERFECTION when it comes to ensuring our overall dashing looks that exude our unique personality and impeccable taste in clothing. It’s time to shock the elder generations into silence with our devotion to the official color of Chinese New Year and call to attention our impeccable style that stuns every friend and family member at every gathering, makes every head turn as we are gracefully strutting down city streets, and brings prosperity, luck, and love to your life. Get into the festive mood by incorporating highly curated clothing items and accessories fashioned in the auspicious color according to these flattering dressing tips to help you slay RED and shine like a diamond.

Auspicious Look

It goes without saying that no Chinese New Year would be complete without duds fashioned in red, an auspicious color was and remains the symbol of prosperity, luck and good fortune up until now, and gold, another auspicious color exclusively used by the ancient emperors and empresses. Besides rocking eye-catching monochromatic outfits, try pairing a red-toned shirt with a white or black skirt or trousers, or teaming a gold-toned outfit with white or black accessories.






For those women who are not confident enough to go all out and pull off the classic Auspicious look, try incorporating other colors into the look to soften the dashing look. It’s time to awaken the queen within and graciously sashay down the street and unapologetically remind everyone that there’s only one Queen B in this town…and Never Does Queen B Come to Play!

Floral Look

If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year, you’ll definitely know that spring is just around the corner. Along its reign comes a plethora of flowers blossoming in all their glory. Don’t ever let the flowers make you less of a star. Try slipping on a floral red-toned dress or matching a white T-shirt or shirt with a floral red-toned skirt or a pair of trousers so that your overall look gives off romantic vintage, yet so modestly sexy vibes.




Denim Look

There is no clothing item that can do exactly what jeans can do – go well with all clothes, every person and almost every occasion. Since it’s believed that everyone has at least one pair of jeans, why don’t we incorporate the most versatile clothing item into our Chinese New Year look? It won’t hurt to pair a chic red-toned T-shirt or shirt with denim skirt or trousers so that your overall look sports classy glam-rock aesthetics with a feminine touch.




Flannel Look                           

The dependable flannel and jeans look needs no real introduction and seems like a go-to combo for those who give their style next to no thought thanks to its inoffensiveness and year-round versatility. Try throwing on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, and wearing a red-toned flannel blazer on top, or matching an oversized black T-shirt and a red-toned flannel skirt to add a pop of color or pattern to your sartorial game.




Glamorous Look

Spending a good fraction of your morning painstakingly mix-n-matching clothing items might seem like a drudge when compared to rocking a dress. Since “a man’s heartbeat quickens at the mere thought of a woman in a red dress”, it may not come as a surprise that a red dress is a staple among women around the world. Slip on a red-toned dress and match it with black accessories so that your overall look radiates enigmatically sexy vibes.



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