Five Premium New Year’s Gifts for your Beloved Seniors


Gift giving is a way to pass good feelings on to one another. With festivals of reunion and gift-giving like New Year fast approaching, we start wondering: what to give our beloved ones, especially our respected seniors, as a gift of appreciation, showing that you recognized what they have done for you. If there’s a present that we know our beloved ones absolutely want to have, we’ll definitely find a way to make sure that they get it. Unfortunately, we have to admit that that’s pretty rare — while all we want to do is to make a good impression on them, most of the time it’s not easy to figure out what to give them as a gift and we end up asking ourselves “What exactly?” Finding the right presents for people who are hard to buy for can be an overwhelming and daunting task and even feel like torture. We can sympathize with the struggle to find the perfect gifts for them since there ain’t no “go-to gift” type of thing for every personality out there. Therefore, when choosing a gift for your beloved seniors, it is recommended that you take into account the appropriateness and utility of the gift, instead of what it looks like. Here, we’ve rounded up Five Premium New Year’s Gifts For Your Beloved Seniors that will pass on your sincere thanks and gratitude to them.  

  1. Healthy Gift Basket


Some say that there’s no better gift to give than good health, therefore, one of the most classic, if not best, gifts to give on New Years is nothing other than Healthy Gift Basket that encourages healthy living. Nowadays, Healthy Gift Basket typically comes with a wide variety of best-selling healthy products, such as fresh vegetables and fruit, supplemental nutrition drinks, whole-grain snacks, and organic dietary supplements, that not only boost their health, but also help express your concern for the health of your loved ones.

  1. Smartwatch


17,990 Baht

Fitted with all golf functions avid golfers need to beat the course, the smartwatch with a minimalist, modern design boasts a large sunlight-readable, easy-to-use color touchscreen display, features AutoShot Measurement technology that enables automatic shot detections, distance measurements, and recording and tracking, and TruSwing pairing mode that enables golf swing analysis. All things considered, GARMIN Approach S60 is ideal for spoiling your loved seniors who love playing golf.


  1. Coffee Making Machine


5,500 Baht

Let your loved seniors immerse themselves in delicately scented, satisfyingly delicious cups of coffee every day with NESPRESSO Essenza Mini. Lightweight and compact, the coffee making machine boasts a high-quality plastic-made body with an immediately recognizable minimalist design, sleekly styled to fit any room, and a capsule container that can hold up to six used capsules, allowing you to create perfect coffee just the way you like it. NESPRESSO Essenza Mini truly is a small machine for big coffee moments.

  1. Fragrance Collection

Jo malone

4,545 Baht

With festivals and holidays of gift-giving like Christmas and New Year fast approaching, JO MALONE LONDON starts preparing Orange Blossom Collection, its world-renowned fragrance collection packed in luxurious packaging featuring the brand’s three best-selling products, Orange Blossom Cologne 30ml., Body & Hand Wash 100 ml., and Body Crème 50 ml. for you to grab and give it to your loved seniors. Believe us, the collection will never fail to impress your loved seniors.

  1. Earrings

Merii earing

2,200 Baht

Women and jewelry are complementary. Being the result of a long and meticulous jewelry making process that ensures high clarity and high radiancy of every piece of jewelry, stud earrings from MERII feature an open flower design with diamond stones set in high polished sterling silver, styled to show off the giver’s and receiver’s impeccable taste.

Apart from these products, there still is a wide selection of products available at every Central Department Store and

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