Bangkok's Budget-Friendly Spas For A Nonchalant, Rejuvenating Getaway

Life is tougher and we think you already knew that. And the more difficult your life, the more you have to take care of yourself, we’re guessing you knew that too. However, even though we do know our schedules that are getting busier than ever before not only translate into stress on body, mind, and soul, but also oftentimes cause our work and personal lives to suffer, we have to admit that finding and maintaining work-life balance nowadays might seem impossible — we always want to just turn off notifications, if not telephone, to turn our eyes away from those things vying for our attention, but advanced technology that has made it feasible to complete work-related tasks AT ANY TIME and FROM ANYWHERE makes it even harder to turn them off, given the fact that our input is somehow correlated with the success of our career. At the end of the day, the line between work and life has become blurred and finding time to unwind and relax always ends up being the last one on our list of priorities even though we do know stress is detrimental to our health and well-being. Giving it 110% may make you feel awesome, but what will you do when all those stressful days and sleepless nights take their toll on you? You deserve a break, it’s time to fit relaxation into a busy schedule. Since there is no denying that Thailand is home to the best massage and spa, here is a list of budget-friendly havens amid the buzzing city where you can unwind accumulated stress, indulge and experience a new hectic lifestyle escape, giving yourself over to the romantic nonchalance of perfect moments.


Benefits of Spa Treatments

Before getting into the budget-friendly spa salons, let’s get to know the benefits of spa treatments since some of you may be wondering why women and men nowadays always get SPARITUAL whenever they have free time.

  • Destress and relax body, mind, and soul;
  • Deeply detoxify environmentally-stressed skin and improve blood circulation for youthful, glowing skin;
  • Remove excess oil and embedded impurities to reduce the appearance of shine and pores, allowing the skin to effectively absorb beneficial nutrients provided by skincare products;
  • Reduce signs of skin aging and promote skin firmness and tightness


Now we have known the benefits of spa treatments. So without further ado, let’s get into Budget-Friendly Spas For A Nonchalant, Rejuvenating Getaway.

Montra Health Massage

  • Tel: +662 252 5562, +662 251 2515
  • Mobile: +668 7343 3324

Montra Health & Spa stays true to Thai traditional massage and herbal medicine inscribed on the wall of Wat Pho, focusing on healing and relaxation therapy, stimulating the natural flow of energy in the body, and restoring body-mind-and-soul balance. It is highly recommended that you try receiving foot massage and aromatherapy massage using massage oils with unique aromatic scents that promise to bring you close to spiritual calm and inner peace.

They have 9 programs in total: Traditional Thai Massage, Foot Massage, Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage, Herbal Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage, Sport Massage, Foot Salt Scrub with Foot Massage. The price is satisfying, only 600 THB per hour.

Montra Health Massage

D.O.Spa and Beauty

@Ladprao Soi 122

Pamper yourself in spa treatments, blending science and beauty to create true inner well-being. At D.O.Spa and Beauty, established and managed by the renowned Bangkok School of Beauty and Spa — an institute specialized in professional therapist training, you can rest assured of a truly holistic beauty and spa experience crafted by a wide range of high-quality treatments incorporating modern technology and unconventional approach, from facial spa treatment to mineral bath.

Very friendly price with countless number of massaging and spa programs, facial treatment and lash lifting included.

MaDaMe Beauty Spa

@Phong Phet Intersection, Ngamwongwan

Isolating yourself from the frustration of the metropolis and let your soul be connected to the natural tranquility. Meticulously prepared according to Thai recipes, each treatment at MaDaMe Beauty Spa helps restore inner balance and enhances your health and beauty. The spa salon is famous for its exfoliating facial scrub treatment for smooth, soft, glowing skin that you can see visible difference in as little as one round of treatment.

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