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A social club for everyone. Spanning 1200 square meters, it is SIWILAI’s F&B and lifestyle arm, located likewise on the 5th floor of Central Embassy. Designed with various points of access from within the mall itself, the club’s expansive facade of ombre blues and white oak planks exude an airiness and approachability, inviting curious passer-bys to come and discover what exactly lies behind these indigo-accented shutters. A neon light installation shines vividly and visibly from every level of the mall; viewed from above or straight-on, it appears indecipherably abstract, but when seen from below through ascending eyes, it reads, “Beach in The Sky.”

The club comprises seven individual sections, each expressing S.C-C’s globally grown yet locally rooted food and lifestyle philosophies with its own unique aesthetic, offerings and programming. Each area has its own character, brought to life through engaging spatial designs and custom made furnishings.

Siwilai city club dish01

Siwilai city club dish

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Siwilai city club dish

Siwilai city club dish

Siwilai city club

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