Top Samui Restaurant

Krua Chao Baan

Krua Chao Baan sits in three wooden houses right next to the white sands of Lamai Beach. Their menu is big on Southern recipes such as yellow gaeng som (spicy sour soup), stir-fried octopus with shrimp paste and pineapple, stir-fried shrimp with sataw beans and hormok talay (crab eggs in steamed curry). Don’t miss their specialty, khai-jiew Krua Chao Baan, an omelet that looks more like a Spanish tortilla. As an added bonus, the beach is beautiful so you can work off those calories by taking their free kayak out for a paddle.

  • 10.00 am.-10.00pm.
  • THB 150 each
  • Southern Thai Food
  • +6677-418-589
  • 438/18 Moo1,Maret
  • gaeng som


Ko Seng

Long-adored by locals for its intriguing blend of Chinese and Southern Thai dishes, Ko Seng has been serving up seafood for more than 50 years (30 years in their current location). Their USP is a commitment to only serving fresh seafood and they also grow their own organic vegetables to use in the busy kitchen. The menu changes depending on what’s been pulled from the sea that day which can then be steamed, stir-fried or dished up in a distinctive Southern-style tom yam. Be warned, their reputation precedes them and they can get very crowded.

Haad Bang Po

Run by Khun Moo, who has over 20 years experience working as a chef in high-end hotels, this beachfront restaurant offers a very local taste in a rustic setting. Expect classic local seafood dishes like like khai jiew hor mok (omelet with spicy curry seafood), waii kua (octopus in dried curry) and pla song nam (deep fried seabass with spicy and sour sauce). They also provide free nam prik kapi (shrimp paste) for every table, too. Make sure you visit the right one as many restaurants on Bang Po Beach have similar names.

Khao Hom

Khao Hom is situated right near Samui International Airport. The recipes are from the owner’s family, Samui locals for generations. Their most famous dish is moo kua kapi (stir-fried pork with shrimp paste, B150) which keeps the crowds coming back, while their gaeng som with shrimp (B150) and pak liang (stir-fried local leaves with eggs, B100) are also popular.

Kanomjeen Pa Lek

Take the long ride to Tambon Mared, in the south of the island, where Pa Lek serves local favorites like kanomjeen (rice noodle) with nam ya tai (Southern-style curry), nam prik (sweet soup), and gaeng tai pla (Southern spicy soup with fish). The auntie, whose been selling here for more than 30 years, also serves other Samui classics like khao yam (rice topped with chopped fresh vegetables with Southern gravy) and pad mee kati (stir-fried noodle with coconut sauce).

  • 6.00 am.-12.00 am.
  • THB 100 each
  • Southern Thai Food
  • +6681-477-7346
  • Wat Samret, Maret
  • kanomjeen nam ya tai


Talk to any cake lover on the island, and the first place they’ll probably mention is Lolamui. Young owner Pun transformed a hillside near Lamai Beach into the setting for a tropical white wooden house that serves a wide range of baked delicacies. The most popular options here, from B65, are banoffee pie, chocolate lava and a cake made from the soft and creamy coconut called maprao kati (macapuno). They also offer seasonal selections such as strawberry cake.


The ever-popular seaside café Kalasea has expanded from one small wooden shack to two houses on Bang Makham Beach. The name plays on the Thai word for sailor, so as you’d expect, the blue-and-white themed house features plenty of seaside touches like striped chairs, shell curtains and a ship’s steering wheel. Their menu isn’t only focused on sweet treats, but also includes simple dishes such as fried pork spicy salad with rice . Late afternoon is the perfect time to visit as they have one of best places to catch the sunset on the island.

  • Mon-Tue 11am-8pm, Thu-Sun 11am-8pm.
  • THB 100 each
  • Cake & Dessert
  • +6681-450-0774
  • 37/10 Moo 5, Angthong
  • maprao kati


Though open for years, Bakubung is still one of the best spots to chill out without straying too far from the heart of the island. This seaside café is good for a lazy afternoon sipping and sitting under the shade of the huts or coconut trees. The café serves some snacks and finger food like fried chicken along with various drinks, including the signature Bakubung punch and iced lemon tea.

Tai by Red Snapper

At Tai by red snapper,you can enjoy classic and contemporary Japanese cuisines that are meticulously prepared by one of the country’s finest chefs-Chef Noboru.Tai by red snapper takes pride in using only

the finest and freshest ingredients import from Kyushu and Hokaido Island. Japan for its delicious dishes.A wide array of beverages will elevate the dinning experience to a whole new level. Those with a sweet tooth can satisfy cravings with Tai by red snapper’s mouthwatering desserts. Tai by red snapper is the perfect place to have lunch or dinner among friends and loved ones .

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 300-400 each
  • Japanese Food
  • +6677963889
  • CentralFestival Samui
  • Tuna Streak , Rock & Roal Sushi Set

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso is an authentic Italian espresso bar. Its specialty is to provide excellent freshly brewed coffee with warm welcoming and relaxing environment.

Copa Cabana

Serving various choices for oustomers with authertiicThai cusine,genine Aussie Steaks,Charcoaled BBQ,variety ofPasta & Fresh Seafood with big set menu ala carte menu ,”Copacabana ” is the simplest and best rendevous for single, couple or family dining.

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 500-600 each
  • Thai Cuisine/SeaFood
  • +6677963801
  • CentralFestival Samui
  • BBQ- Tiger Prawn , Fried rice in pineapple boat chicken


Wine and food. Food and wine.Don’t you agree they’re better together? Atwine Connection,every meal will connect you with somethinh special. With thehillsides of tuscany.With the vineyards of Bordeaux. With our freshly made pastas and thin crust pizzas. With hearty bistro favourites.with freshly baked breads,hand cut meats and farm house cheeses.Piled high on a platter.Made for sharing. Chosen by you.

  • 11.30 AM - 11.30 PM
  • THB 300-600 each
  • European Food /Wine
  • +6677410429
  • CentralFestival Samui
  • Spanish Gumbas and Spaish Paella



Le Siam is a Thai restaurant with elegant atmospgere and delicious Thai cuisine.

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 150-500 each
  • Thai Cuisine/ Seafood
  • +66834022569
  • CentralFestival Samui
  • Pineapple fried rice, Tom Yum Koong

Mango Mania

Bing Su mango sticky rice mango coco.

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 100-200 each
  • Dessert/Smoothies
  • +66887603188
  • CentralFestival Samui
  • Mango mania bingsu


haagendazs chocolate_bombe

Perfact,timeless indulgence in an endearing selection of all-time favourite flavours.

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 100-200 each
  • Dessert/Smoothies
  • +66632038291
  • CentralFestival Samui
  • Chocolate Bombe

Kung Hang

Delicious, fresh, clean, safe In every stage of production. From the selection of raw materials on the quality of French.

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 100 each
  • Breads/Drinks /Ice Cream
  • +6677-410552
  • CentralFestival Samui
  • Sweet sherdded egg yolk
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