PuPen Seafood

Pu Pen Pattaya

Pu Pen Seafood Restaurant is one of recommended seafood restaurants in Pattaya. The food is tasty and customers can also enjoy sea-view atmosphere. About almost 30 years ago, this restaurant was established without the name. the restaurant owner let customers who would like to eat fresh crabs choose the living crabs themselves. Then, this restaurant has been named “Pupen” its’ means “living crab”.

Official website : www.pupenseafood.com

Pupenseafood pattaya 04 (Small)

Pupenseafood pattaya 03 (Small)

Pupenseafood pattaya 02 (Small)

Pupenseafood pattaya 00 (Small)

Pupenseafood pattaya 01 (Small)

Pupenseafood pattaya 05 (Small)

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