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Raya Restaurant Phuket Town

Raya Restaurant is simply the Thai restaurant in Phuket Town. Set in a renovated Sino-Thai mansion originally built at the beginning of the 20th century, this venue literally takes its patrons back to the past, and serves them such a delicious genuine local cuisine that movie stars, prime ministers, and royalty frequent this establishment while they are in Phuket.


wine connection_Central

Wine and food. Food and wine.Don’t you agree they’re better together? Atwine Connection,every meal will connect you with somethinh special. With thehillsides of tuscany.With the vineyards of Bordeaux. With our freshly made pastas and thin crust pizzas. With hearty bistro favourites.with freshly baked breads,hand cut meats and farm house cheeses.Piled high on a platter.Made for sharing. Chosen by you.

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 300-600 each
  • European Food /Wine
  • +6676307064
  • Central Phuket
  • Spanish Gumbas and Spaish Paella


Fuji bento

FUJI is an expert in the operation of high-standard chain restaurants and in the production of healthy food and drinks. Our food and drinks are produced with the better quality of life of our valued consumers in mind, and they are reasonably priced and appreciated by discerning consumers who live a modern lifestyle.

  • 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM
  • THB 300 each
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • +6676249861/+6676249862
  • Central Phuket

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso is an authentic Italian espresso bar. Its specialty is to provide excellent freshly brewed coffee with warm welcoming and relaxing enviroment.

  • 10.30 am. - 10.00 pm.
  • THB 150 each
  • Coffee Shop
  • +6676-307-138
  • Central Phuket,1Floor
  • Gelatina Frozen Mocha


Serving great noodle soups using… Instant Noodles! as well as some amazing porridge. Half the restaurant is full before they even can take the first order, so get ready to wait, but it’s worth it! Another strange thing: The shop opens according to the moon calendar! So it is for us hard to predict what are the chances to eat there… and yet we drive all the way to see ‘if it’s open’. Try: ‘Mama Moo Sap’ the famous noodle with mama instant noodle ,‘Woonsen Moo Sap’ (with glass noodles) ‘Khao Tom Haeg’ (Porridge with pork chop plus crispy pork)
Note that there is a huge parking in the back: enter the tiny street just opposite of the chinese shrine. 7 pm – 1 am

MEE TON PHO (Bhodi Tree Noodle)

This is an old and famous Hokkien shop at Phuket clock circle. It’s hot, smokey and crowded, but their yellow Hokkien noodles dishes are worth a stop, don’t hesitate to order some Satay while waiting. ‘Mee Hokkien Pad’ is their famous stir-fried noodle with seafood. Say ‘Pi-Set’ for a larger bowl, and ‘Sai Khai’ to top the noodle with an egg. ‘Laad Naa’ is the fried noodle in slimy sauce. ‘Moo Satay’ (Pork Satay) are sold by stick but people usually order by 10 (‘Sib Mai’ is ten sticks) ✩ Exactly at the Phuket clock circle, next to the Chinese shrine.


This popular place gets crowded from early morning serving some excellent Dim Sum from 6 am to 11 am, but if you choose to come late, there won’t be much choice left.

PA MAI (Kanom Jeen)

Pa mai(Kanom jeen)_phuket
Small and crowded, it’s an all time breakfast favorite, it is always full, no exceptions, you’ll have to wait for someone to finish breakfast to jump on their ‘not yet cleaned’ table or you’ll be missing it. Good news is that there is a less known but bigger one higher in the street! How it works: Pick a plate of plain rice noodle and select from large pots of curry sauces, yellow or red, with beef, chicken or fish. Then add on top all kinds of fresh veggies and herbs without which you would be missing half the taste and texture pleasure.

Natural Restaurant “Tham-Ma-Chard”

Natural Restaurant Tham-Ma-Chard
Over 24 years, the Natural Restaurant has been one of Phuket City’s best offerings, providing good food and good service in a unique ambience. A huge range of Thai food, as well as many international favourites – and hard to beat beer prices – make it an excellent place for any occasion.

Tung Ka Café

Tung Ka Cafe is one of Phuket’s best sunset viewing points and one of the only points that isn’t actually on the west coast. If the truth be known, west coast viewpoints can get pretty crowded at about 18:30, but Rang Hill, or Khao Rang in Phuket Town, the site of Tung Ka Café is relatively peaceful.

Tu Kab Khao Restaurant

Set in a beautiful colonial building, Tu Kab Khao Restaurant is decorated in traditional Penang style and offers nearly 100 menu items. Here you can find a number of local and traditional Phuket food that are made according to original cooking skills and recipes. Some beautiful cocktails and drinks are also provided. The restaurant is situated right next to the stunning Sino Portuguese building of Kasikorn Bank in downtown Phuket.

Roti ChaoFah


Delicious curries served with flat bread and numerous exotic teas, help make this small restaurant a popular choice for breakfast.

One Chun Café & Restaurant

One Chun Café & Restaurant serves an authentic Thai cuisine with a preference for southern dishes at affordable prices in the relaxed atmosphere of a vintage décor. Located on Thepkasattri Road’s last section in Phuket Old Town, One Chun is set in a historical building dating back early 20th century.

Chomchan by One Chun Restaurant

Chom Chan by One Chan
Chomchan by One Chun Restaurant in Phuket Town is a classy establishment serving fine Thai cuisine at surprisingly reasonable prices given the extraordinary quality. It boasts friendly staff, some creative drinks and really tasty traditional dishes, served in airy, classically-styled dining room.

Blue Elephant café & restaurant

blue elephant phuket

Experience the very best in Thai hospitality and cuisine at Blue Elephant, Phuket. With a reputation of authenticity and excellence, Blue Elephant stays true to the culinary culture and influences of Thailand. Blue Elephant, Phuket is located at the site of the Phra Pitak Chinpracha Mansion, a historic 105 year old landmark. Built in an elegant Sino-Portuguese style, the architecture follows the principles of feng shui, creating a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere inside the restaurant, with scenic surroundings outside.

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