MEE TON PHO (Bhodi Tree Noodle)

This is an old and famous Hokkien shop at Phuket clock circle. It’s hot, smokey and crowded, but their yellow Hokkien noodles dishes are worth a stop, don’t hesitate to order some Satay while waiting. ‘Mee Hokkien Pad’ is their famous stir-fried noodle with seafood. Say ‘Pi-Set’ for a larger bowl, and ‘Sai Khai’ to top the noodle with an egg. ‘Laad Naa’ is the fried noodle in slimy sauce. ‘Moo Satay’ (Pork Satay) are sold by stick but people usually order by 10 (‘Sib Mai’ is ten sticks) ✩ Exactly at the Phuket clock circle, next to the Chinese shrine.

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