Top Hadyai Restaurant

Chok Dee Dim Sum (Tae Tiam)


If you are traveling in Thailand, and have a chance to visit Hadyai, Chok Dee Dim Sum is one of the must-goes. The restaurant has been running the business for more than 18 years, and become the most favorite food of the local since then. It is recommended that you go to the restaurant early in the morning since the later you come, the more crowded it becomes! Folk tries very hard to beat the ordering queue and get a seat to have great food in a laid-back manner, and, as a result, there will be no seat left for you and the dishes you long for will also be finished. So BE FAST! or you won’t get a seat to eat! If you manage to reach the ordering counter (and also get yourself a seat), try “Hadyai Breakfast”, consisting of Buk Khut Tae (meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices) with steamed rice, dim sum and Thai milk tea, you will love them.

Decha’s Fried Chicken Had Yai


With more than 30 years of franchising experience, Decha’s Hadyai-style fried chicken now has more than 50 locations nationwide and its signature dish Hadyai-style fried chicken enjoys a reputation as one of the most delicious dishes and one of the country’s all-time favorites. The secret of success is “skilled cooking with excellent ingredients” – offering crispy and crunchy fried chicken without leftover frying oil, using fresh chicken, high-quality oil, herbs and spices. It is recommended to eat the fried chicken with Som-Tam and sticky rice, making the perfect combination. The restaurant also serves a wide range of seafood, northeastern food and halal food with high quality and reasonable price, suitable for people with different taste preferences. No wonder there is always a crowd in front of the restaurant. Be prepared to queueeeeeee, but, after all, the crispy and crunchy fried chicken is worth the wait! You won’t regret!

Korn Mee Kai


Korn Mee Kai has long-cherished fame and is well-loved for its tasty noodle: long and springy noodles in silky rich soup with juicy grilled chicken and fresh vegetables. All four components contrast and complement each other, bring out the best of each other, offering an impressive unique taste, which cannot help stopping it. That’s the flavor, which most people sing their praises for, and wish they could eat more!

Nairu restuarant


Nairu restaurant has been running the business for more than 25 years and is being widely praised for being one of Hadyai legendary Chinese restaurants. All of its dishes, both Thai and Chinese, are cheap and fine, once you place them in your mouth, you will find that a silken textured feel gradually unfolds with layers of multiple tastes of herbs and spices. Don’t miss restaurant’s popular dishes, such as fried spring rolls, Abalone with red gravy, Deep-fried White Pomfret with chili and salt, Seafood in tomato sauce served with hot plate, Fried minced pork, Stir-fried Cabbage with crispy pork and fish sauce, Scallops with black pepper. At Nairu restaurant, you can indulge yourself in a variety of delicious dishes in a friendly and laid-back atmosphere. No wonder Nairu restaurant is dubbed as an ideal place for enjoying Chinese food while soaking in Thai hospitality.

Chen Long Boat Noodle

Prestigious Chen Long Boat Noodle restaurant is located not far away from Central Hadyai Shopping Center. The unmissable offering is the signature braised beef boat noodle: smooth and elastic noodles in silky rich soup with juicy and crispy braised beef and fresh vegetables. The noodle brings a marvelous and enduring aftertaste into your mouth, which makes you linger over and let time slip away…into an unforgettable memory.

Chao Doi Coffee

Chao Doi Coffee originates from mountains that are far, far away and historically has been grown under the long standing experience of hill tribe people in the north of Thailand or “Chao Doi”. In the past, these mountains were more accustomed to growing opium with shifting cultivation, than growing coffee. However under His Majesty the King’s initiative of supporting and encouraging the hill tribes to grow coffee instead, their quality of life has improved ever since.

From the soil in the ground and rainfall from the sky… the nature of the mountain peaks, The Chao Doi hill tribes have worked tirelessly with sweat, stamina and determination to thank His Majesty the King for his support. The resulting output is that these coffee trees now produce high quality coffee beans for usage in the coffee production process of creating “Chao Doi Coffee”.

Coffee World

Coffee World has been thof beverages.e Premium Coffee Shop in Thailand long before the deluge of copy-cat brands appeared. We always strive to make your coffee experience memorable so we continually provide customer service even after your favorite coffee has been served. With that in mind, we also make sure that our customers have a very delightful experience with our selection of innovative products. Other than coffee, we have “made-to- order” beverages and special smoothie, chocolate, tea, and a diverse selection of signature “Frappe” and ice-blended beverages for customers who prefer non-coffee drinks. Freshly-made cakes, muffins, sandwiches

Cold Stone Creamery

chocolatedevotion cold stone
Cold Stone Creamery– America’s leading super premium ice-cream concept. The success of Cold Stone Creamery lies in our unique Signature Creations?. If it has anything to do with ice cream, it has everything to do with Cold Stone Creamery. From unique ice cream creations to smoothies, cakes and shakes – nobody serves up the ultimate indulgence like Cold Stone. It starts with using the highest quality ingredients and ends with our signature process for preparing your custom creation on a frozen granite stone.

Rest assured, our expertise in innovating indulgence didn’t just happen by accident. Our founders, Donald and Susan Sutherland, discovered their true calling in 1988 when, driven by their passion to serve the world’s best ice cream, they opened the first Cold Stone Creamery in Tempe, Arizona. And now, more than 1,450 stores later, people have really warmed up to their cool idea. Currently there are Cold Stone Creamery locations worldwide, in places like: Canada, China, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates.

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