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Khantoke Dinner at Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

The Khantoke Dinner at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center is based around the traditional Thai dinner and dancing show. For the Khantoke dinner guests sit on bamboo mats on the floor and are served a range of northern Thai food to share with the table. The food includes a rich chicken curry and a Burmese style pork curry, fried chicken, sticky rice, vegetables with a spicy chilli dip and the northern delicacy of deep fried pork skin. While you sit and eat a variety of Traditional Thai dances are shown on stage including sword dancing and a popular drum performance.

Tong Restaurant and Bar Chiang Mai

tong dinning chiangmai

Tong Restaurant and Bar is a highly rated Northern Thai restaurant that’s easy to spot thanks to an enticing barbeque grill outside the entrance. Tong, also called Tong Tem Toh, is one of the most popular restaurants for Thai’s in the Nimman area. From 17:00 when they open there are customers trying to beat the queue that forms from opening time until late. You can’t reserve a table in advance so be prepared to wait for up to an hour for a table, but the authentic northern Thai food is worth the wait.


The Gallery


This fine dining establishment is truly a unique place that combines the beauty of art and crafts with the art of cooking. Unmistakable, the neon-lit sign that sits outside immediately draws you in from the street to what appears to be a treasure trove of goods. Try one of the curries on the menu, spiced up to your taste, the fish also comes highly recommended too.

Dash Restaurant


Dash Restaurant and Bar in Chiang Mai draws in big crowds even though it is located down a small lane in a quiet part of the old town. The setting is perfect: a beautiful wooden house with doors open onto a small patio, and tasty Thai food that suits all palates. Add to this the live band that plays in the evenings and they really have a winning combination. Dash is located on Moon Muang Road, around a five minute walk from Tha Pae Gate. If you’re not familiar with Chiang Mai’s winding back lanes then it’s best to take a map. The restaurant is open every day from 9:00 until midnight. If you end up loving the food you eat here, Dash restaurant and Bar in Chiang Mai also run cooking classes.

Huen Phen Restaurant Chiang Mai Old City


This long-time favourite restaurant has been serving up mouthwatering northern Thai fare for more than four decades. It serves one of the best khao sois in Chiang Mai, along with a range of northern Thai fare prepared according to the family recipe. The non-descript open-air section is open for lunch, whereas dinner is served in an atmospheric dining room.

Ginger & Kafe at The House Chiang Mai


While not a must-do, you might want to try a khan toke dinner at least once when in Chiang Mai. At the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center, the setup is highly elaborate – from the elegant teakwood room decked out in ethnic Lanna style to the round teak tray containing nine side dishes to the sitting arrangement on the floor – all designed to re-enact the original khan toke experience.

  • 6.45pm.-9.30pm.
  • Northern Thai Food
  • +66(0)53 20 2993-5
  • Wualai Road

The Good View


This riverside resto-bar is an institution in Chiang Mai, due to a stunning riverfront location, quality live band entertainment every night and a fantastic menu of Thai, Japanese and international fare at reasonable prices. The wooded interiors give the place a warm, cosy, living room feel. There’s also an al fresco garden terrace overlooking the idyllic Ping River.

  • 10.00am.-1.30pm.
  • Thai,Japanese & International Food
  • +66(0)53 24 1866,+66(0)53 30 2764
  • 13 Charoenrat Rd.

Laem Charoen Seafood

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce was first introduced by Laem Charoen Seafood more than 35 years ago and this legendary dish has been popular ever since. Laem Charoen Seafood serves seafood dishes with Thai identity. Its menu items and Quality are unique and have impressed the locals and foreigners alike. Many seafood menu items are very creative including its famous signature dish, Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce. Our business philosophy focuses on product reliability and customer satisfaction. We use only the best available raw materials for our cooking with special attention to freshness, cleanliness, meticulousness and standardization. These guarantee our customers with palatability and nutrition they deserve, in a comfortable atmosphere. Laem Charoen Seafood has served the public using such approaches for more than three decades.



At Muteki, you will find the harmonious combination of authentic and modern Japanese style food. We also serve all day comfort food where you can enjoy our homemade innovations with french touches such as French Toast, Brioche and Soufflé Pancake. Muteki now opens for Japanese food lovers to experience this welcoming premium-grade Japanese dining cafe.

Mix No.7

MIX NO.7 Chiangmai
The menu varies from International, Thai and Chinese Cuisine. Examples from the menu includes Grilled river prawns with curry sauce , Grilled pork with lemon grass served with hot & spicy sauce, Mixed grilled scallop, river prawn, chicken, pork and sea mussel with curry sauce and much much more. There are also various specials on daily, for example; Chicken served with Thai saffron fried rice Stir fried rice noodles, with minced chicken and sunny-side egg (89THB) Spaghetti cabonara with slow cooked egg to name but a few.



Japanese-style grilled fresh. Flip history Restaurants By using intelligent robot served as a staff representative in Thailand.


Wine and food. Food and wine.Don’t you agree they’re better together? Atwine Connection,every meal will connect you with somethinh special. With thehillsides of tuscany.With the vineyards of Bordeaux. With our freshly made pastas and thin crust pizzas. With hearty bistro favourites.with freshly baked breads,hand cut meats and farm house cheeses.Piled high on a platter.Made for sharing. Chosen by you.

  • 11.30 AM - 11.30 PM
  • THB 300-600 each
  • European Food /Wine
  • +6677410429
  • CentralFestival Chiangmai
  • Spanish Gumbas and Spaish Paella


“YOSHINOYA” The best of Beef Bowl and Donburi legend than 100 years.Beef Bowl,a delicious menu with premium ingredient imported 100% US Beef and secret recipe of soy sauces from Tokyo

Coffee World

Coffee World has been thof beverages.e Premium Coffee Shop in Thailand long before the deluge of copy-cat brands appeared. We always strive to make your coffee experience memorable so we continually provide customer service even after your favorite coffee has been served. With that in mind, we also make sure that our customers have a very delightful experience with our selection of innovative products. Other than coffee, we have “made-to- order” beverages and special smoothie, chocolate, tea, and a diverse selection of signature “Frappe” and ice-blended beverages for customers who prefer non-coffee drinks. Freshly-made cakes, muffins, sandwiches

Croissant Taiyaki

Croissant Taiyaki arrived!!!!. Famous Snack from Japan. Croissant Taiyaki is combination of Croissant and Taiyaki.
Taiyaki like a old fashion Japanese’s dessert made from pancake powder in shape like a fish with sweet red beans inside. Now change has come. bring Croissant powder instead pancake powder and add more flavor with custard ,chocolate and etc.Its turn to more Croissant in a shape of a fish with flavor.Its very crispy and sweet. Sweet thing lover MUST TRY!!.

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