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Eathai (Thai market by Tops). We aim to offer the taste of the flavors of Thailand through carefully selected groceries and souvenirs. At the same time supporting community products and Royal project in oder to bring customer a true introduction to all things Thai.


FoodLoft serves Thailand’s most modern international cuisine with an open kitchen that allows diners to see the chefs in action. Every one of the dishes served at FoodLoft is prepared fresh daily. FoodLoft offers “semi self-service” where customers place their own orders and take their dishes to their seats while staff are also present to help them find their seats and for other services if required.

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso is an authentic Italian espresso bar. Its specialty is to provide excellent freshly brewed coffee with warm welcoming and relaxing enviroment.


siwilaicityclubbkk , siwilai city club bkk ,social club ,siwilaicity

a social club for everyone. Spanning 1200 square meters, it is SIWILAI’s F&B and lifestyle arm, located likewise on the 5th floor of Central Embassy. Designed with various points of access from within the mall itself, the club’s expansive facade of ombre blues and white oak planks exude an airiness and approachability, inviting curious passer-bys to come and discover what exactly lies behind these indigo-accented shutters. A neon light installation shines vividly and visibly from every level of the mall; viewed from above or straight-on, it appears indecipherably abstract, but when seen from below through ascending eyes, it reads, “Beach in The Sky.”

The club comprises seven individual sections, each expressing S.C-C’s globally grown yet locally rooted food and lifestyle philosophies with its own unique aesthetic, offerings and programming. Each area has its own character, brought to life through engaging spatial designs and custom made furnishings.


“Nara” restaurant is renowned for its Boat Noodles and authentic Thai dishes. The a la carte dishes derived from authentic recipes which have been adapted into a modern context suitable for Nara’s dining ambience.


Apinara Thai Food

With a design that draws inspiration from traditional Thai elements, blooming purple orchids are plentiful with stone seating arrangements on both sides of the entrance.


Inspired by the 19th century’s Industrial Revolution, 1881 by Water Library is a gastro-pub offering an all-day dining experience that turns into a nightlife hotspot after sunset. With a full-scale food menu available all day, 1881 by Water Library also offers inventive cocktails and quality wines starting from 800 THB per bottle. Located in the vibrant Central Groove Complex, this eatery is a fun and friendly meeting point for drinks, dining and chilling out. Serving classic bar food, small nibbles, and comfort food from around the world with emphasis on European cuisine, our chef applies modern food presentation and cooking techniques to differentiate his creations.


inspired by our love for excellent coffee and great good, Baan-Ying Cafe and Meal combines he relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop with a fresh innovative. we bring you premium coffees to satisfy the most cultivated connoisseurs, as well as interpreting traditional Thai dishes in a fresh and delicious way that remains true to classic home cooking and yet original. there are items on our menu that you won’t find anywhere else. We hope you will take with you the memory of a fantastic meal enjoyed in a warm family atmosphere, and come back with the feeling that our house is your house.


ampersand dessert
AMPERSAND is the “&” symbol reflecting how we put together a great variety of flavors from different parts of the world. Other than exclusive flavors, we select only the finest ingredients with no artificial colorings or preservatives. Our gelato and sorbets are made in small batches in order to preserve their original flavors and freshness.


Since 1996, Crêpes & Co represents a fantastic mix of all the food, cultures, and ‘joie de vivre’ (the joy of living) the owners have experienced during their childhood. For locals and long-term expats alike, Crepes & Co. continues to represent Bangkok’s original home-style brunch spot as well as great place for crepes and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Our fuss-free food works just as well for a casual date as it does for a big family lunch.

  • 10.00 am.-10.00 pm.
  • THB 300 each
  • Crepes and authentic Mediterranean cuisine
  • +66922631386
  • 7th Floor,CentralWorld
  • Josephine Crepe, Crepes Nutella Mini Tower


Cupcake Love is home-style bakeshop. We offer wide varieties of cupcake. Our yummy cupcakes are made from scratch by using the finest & freshest ingredients possible, so we always have the right taste to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Eat like a Thai at EAT (Eat All Thai), a new sister restaurant from Supanniga Eating Room. Expect mouthwatering regional homemade treats with premium ingredients sourced from all over the country.

  • 10.00 am.-10.00 pm.
  • THB 300 each
  • Thai cuisine
  • +662-251-1230
  • 2Floor,The Groove,Central World
  • omelette with jumbo crab meat, prawn, sweet basil, fresh chilli


Greyhound Cafe is a trendy patisserie and restaurant designed in classic tones of black, white and silver, resulting in a modern dining experience. The overall interior is chic and minimalist with indoor and outdoor seating options.

  • 10.00 am.-10.00 pm.
  • THB 400 each
  • International Food
  • +662-613-1263
  • 2Floor,Central World
  • fresh lasagne salad

HYDE & SEEK peek-a-boo

Since opening its doors in early in 2010 Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar, in soi Ruamrudee has continuously been at the forefront of the cocktail and gastro cuisine movement in Thailand. Peek-a-Boo is “outside” our original “hyding” spot in the Ploenchit area and boldly reemerges right at the heart of the city at Groove CentralWorld. Semi-open façade, merging the outdoor with the indoor, a variety of seating selections: bar stools, sofa, armchairs, rocking chairs and dining chairs. Peek-a-Boo is a treat for your senses and a revisit of youthful experiences where your spirit can free itself, relax and be entertained in a busy world. Peek-a-Boo is an all-day dining restaurant where all dishes are the highlight, offering modern cooking comfort food from western cuisine then adapt it to local taste to surprise all diners. We work closely with organic farmers to bring the best vegetables and herbs to your table.


Kumpoon Esan Food
Isan cuisine with its authentic roots, dazzled with rich flavors that are found in the northeastern part of Thailand. On top of that, we included bizarre, hard-to-find menus such as “Larb Kai Mod Dang” or spicy giant red ant eggs with mint salad. The restaurant is decorated in traditional Thai style, with a modern twist. With contemporary ideas, it is designed as if it is under a levitated wooden house with its pillars, giving it a warm and homey atmosphere, elevating your appetite, In the end, just sit down and enjoy our authentic Isan menu.

  • 10.00 am.-10.00 pm.
  • THB 300 each
  • Isaan Food
  • 02 646 1044
  • Central world 7th floor
  • Tum-Siew ,Nua-Yang-Ko-Khun-Pone-Yang-Kum ,Ice-Cream-Ka-Ti-Sod-Song-Kreung

Laem Charoen Seafood

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce was first introduced by Laem Charoen Seafood more than 35 years ago and this legendary dish has been popular ever since. Laem Charoen Seafood serves seafood dishes with Thai identity. Its menu items and Quality are unique and have impressed the locals and foreigners alike. Many seafood menu items are very creative including its famous signature dish, Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce. Our business philosophy focuses on product reliability and customer satisfaction. We use only the best available raw materials for our cooking with special attention to freshness, cleanliness, meticulousness and standardization. These guarantee our customers with palatability and nutrition they deserve, in a comfortable atmosphere. Laem Charoen Seafood has served the public using such approaches for more than three decades.


movenpick Switzerland
Movenpick Ice Cream import from Switzerland with the various flavors to consumer. “ A passion for the extraordinary, the very best natural ingredients and the savoir-faire of the Mövenpick Maîtres Glaciers have always formed the basis of Mövenpick’s refined creations”


French Bakery Restaurant,founded in 1889, its key baking ingredients from France, PAUL bakeries all over the world follow the same recipes and traditional bread-making methods handed down through the Holder family. Such dedication to tradition means PAUL customers know and can expect to enjoy the same, well-loved nutty flavour of PAUL breads anywhere in the worldWhat is the secret ingredient of PAUL’s success? A respect for tradition.


With a name that makes anyone instantly think of fresh air, hiking, campfires and wooden cabins, S’Mores Hunting Lodge definitely has the design and decor to match one’s imagination. At the entrance, guests will be met with an intimidating replica of an American grizzly bear and another furry critter behind a glass casing. S’Mores Hunting Lodge’s outdoor seating definitely pays homage to the great outdoors, with genuine wooden stools and tables, making you feel like you’re in one of the many beautiful national parks in the US without the risk of getting splinter.


Twinings Tea Boutique” Restaurant grade premium. Touching moments at Twinings Tea Boutique. We welcome you with the level of premium English tea. Bakery and snack minus. Who are selected as well. In the atmosphere of a traditional English Afternoon Tea genuine. The first one in Thailand.


Wabisabi japanese food
Tasting the Japanese unique menus that contain the best local ingredients, local premium sake and cocktail under the sense “Wabi-Sabi”, the authentic way of Japanese arts by your own sensation, Wabi/Sabi is a modern and sleek restaurant with a design concept that leans towards minimalistic aesthetics while serving authentic Japanese cuisine. The result is a rather unique dining experience. With the guests’ privacy in mind, each dining booth is divided by black marble partitions with a projector casting colors and images for a soothing ambience. The stylish atmosphere is fitting for people looking to unwind in style while enjoying an extensive menu of Japanese dishes.

  • 10.00 am.-10.00 pm.
  • Japanese cuisine
  • 02-252-6451
  • wagyu beef sashimi, stuffed mushroom tempura, Hapuka sashimi with fresh chilli lime sauce, and crispy broadbill tuna with vegetable and cucumber sauce.


The Best Western Comfort Food In Town, Wine I Love You is a favorite spot for those who want to sit back and enjoy the evening while indulging in their favorite tipple. With a spacious outdoor dining area, this bar can host a number of informal gathering sessions among friends and business associates. Designed in a French bistro style.

  • 10.00 am.-10.00 pm.
  • Western Food
  • 02-646-1864
  • cheesy baked mussels, smoked duck with raspberry sauce, and baked potato skins.Holy Cupand Oriental Spring Punch
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