BaanYing Café/Esan&Grill

Somtum-Thai-Bannying at Central World
Somtum-Thai-Bannying at Central World

inspired by our love for excellent coffee and great good, Baan-Ying Cafe and Meal combines he relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop with a fresh innovative. we bring you premium coffees to satisfy the most cultivated connoisseurs, as well as interpreting traditional Thai dishes in a fresh and delicious way that remains true to classic home cooking and yet original. there are items on our menu that you won’t find anywhere else. We hope you will take with you the memory of a fantastic meal enjoyed in a warm family atmosphere, and come back with the feeling that our house is your house.

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somtum-poo-bannying at Central World
Somtum-Poo-bannying at Central World
Grilled-pork-bannying at Central World (Small)
Grilled-pork-Bannying at Central World
Somtum-Thai-Mookrob-bannying at Central World
Somtum-Thai-Mookrob-Bannying at Central World
Yum-Seafood-Bannying at Central World (Small)
Yum-Seafood-Bannying at Central World (Small)
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