Insight 48 Hours in Chiang Mai

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Known as the former capital of the Lan Na Kingdom from 1296 to 1768 before become the Kingdom of Chiang Mai a tributary state of Siam or Thailand in the present, this popular northern province claims its right to be one of the world’s best travel destinations with a longstanding history, rich culture, age-old traditions passed from generations to generation and unique ways of life. Situated among mountains, Chiang Mai proposes exceptional experience for city break or nature getaway. You can only do so much in 48 hours, it will be one packed-trip that will leave you impressed and long for more.

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Insight How many cosmetics do you have to buy while visiting Thailand?

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As we all know, during traveling in Thailand, besides from famous products such as durian chips, snail skin care products, latex pillows and green grass cream ointments, famous cosmetics brand and top-notch skin care products are also worth buying, since selling prices of skin care products and cosmetics in Thailand are much cheaper than in China, on whose purchases you can also claim a tax refund. Moreover, department stores often hold promotional activities, such as every Central Department Store in Thailand always invites customers to register for The 1 Card Tourist so as to be able to immediately enjoy 5% off and up to 6% tax refund, including a variety of deals, discounts, discounts on top of discounts, gifts, cash vouchers etc.. Needless to say, scroll down and see what kind of cosmetics, you need to buy!

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Insight Flower Festival Thailand


Sweet flower fragrances are abundant throughout Thailand.
There are flowers for every mood and every season of the year. That’s why they deserve to be celebrated in such a grand gesture as symbols for optimism, timelessness, beauty, elegance and style.

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Insight Top 8 Thai Gift – Thailand

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Souvenirs are merely just gifts or memorabilia you buy for your loved ones back at home. They often tell certain stories and serve as nostalgic reminders of those wonderful experiences you encountered during your stay or journey. Let these wonderful gifts tell the tales of memorable tastes and mesmerising times you had in Thailand.

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Insight The best tourist attractions to explore in chiang mai

Chiang Mai offers plenty of things to do in the way of cooking classes, temple visits, street food, and culture. But beyond its boundaries, you`ll find natural perfection, awe-inspiring animals, and unique communities deep in the mountains. It`s a unique city, and the following are some of the best tourist attractions to explore.

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Insight The Thailand Pavilion at the World Exposition Milano 2015

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The Thailand Pavilion at the World Exposition Milano 2015 in Italy, from 1 May to 31 October 2015, presents the concept of “Nourishing and Delighting the World”. This exhibition aims to build confidence in Thai agricultural and food products. It also confirms our readiness to become the kitchen of the world, as well as to expand our market of agricultural products on the world stage. Thailand’s participation in the World Exposition Milano 2015, under the broader theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, also helps to raise global awareness about sustainable food production, with a showcase of our abundant species, modern food cultivation technology, and His Majesty’s philosophy of sustainable development.

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