Insight Taste of The World Cuisine in Central Embassy

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Thai cuisine is known around the world for its intricate different preparations, unique blend of spice and herbs with layers of flavors and yumminess. That what makes the country the World’s kitchen. Plus, with the amazing array culinary delights you can find from the streets to upscale restaurants, any city in Thailand is a foodie’s heaven. Thais, hence, love to eat and it reflects in different types of cuisine throughout the city. Here we take you to Bangkok’s premiere lifestyle destination where authentic international cuisines are housed in one place. And your taste buds will thank you for it.

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Insight Bangkok’s 5 Most Beautiful Rooftops

Bangkok at night is wide awake and full of life. It never sleeps and beams lights from the streets to the buildings and the temples. With the majestic Chaopraya River lies in the middle, the panoramic view from above of Bangkok is truly worth the experience to go high up and take it all in. Here is a list of 5 most beautiful hotel rooftops each offers great view of the city with unique concept and amazing interior that would stand out on its own.

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Insight 48 hours in Bangkok

The Thai name of Bangkok means the city of angels for a reason. This is a city that the sun shines so bright and the night never sleeps. Embodying a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, your visit to Bangkok is sure to be a trip to remember whether you walk through the charming old town by the Chao Phraya river or amongst modernist skyscrapers in downtown area. With countless things to do, you might not want the trip to end every visit. However, for 48 hours, you will sure to cover the best of Bangkok has to offer — an array of eclectic activities that will get to experience the city and Thailand in different senses from seeing to tasting.

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Insight 5 French Cafés in Bangkok

If you agree that living life to the fullest on a ‘c’est la vie’ basis sometimes involves savouring piece after piece of decent pastries in a lavish ambience, then here are 5 of Bangkok’s most worthy French cafés that might help prevent you from flying half way around the world to Paris, but instead gives you a busy road trip around the heart of Thailand’s capital to get your daily sugar injection.

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Insight How many cosmetics do you have to buy while visiting Thailand?

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As we all know, during traveling in Thailand, besides from famous products such as durian chips, snail skin care products, latex pillows and green grass cream ointments, famous cosmetics brand and top-notch skin care products are also worth buying, since selling prices of skin care products and cosmetics in Thailand are much cheaper than in China, on whose purchases you can also claim a tax refund. Moreover, department stores often hold promotional activities, such as every Central Department Store in Thailand always invites customers to register for The 1 Card Tourist so as to be able to immediately enjoy 5% off and up to 6% tax refund, including a variety of deals, discounts, discounts on top of discounts, gifts, cash vouchers etc.. Needless to say, scroll down and see what kind of cosmetics, you need to buy!

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