Bangkok’s 7 Wonders

Bangkok is dubbed a culinary wonderland, always full of scrumptious surprises and hidden with tasty delights. For those hipsters seeking to explore the grandiosity of Bangkok’s culinary landmarks, don’t miss the following 7 gastronomic attractions. These are not merely ordinary restaurants, but unique palatable places where you’re guaranteed to leave with much more than just a mouthful of memorable experiences.


Siwilai Rocket Coffee Bar (International)

Stylish civilians must pay a visit to Siwilai Rocket Coffee Bar, the concept store that seamlessly fuses art, music, fashion and culinary located at Bangkok’s premier shopping destination, Central Embassy. Not only does this oh-so-chic multi-brand establishment offer unique designer items from across the globe but also spankingly new dining concept where you can dine and wine in style amid comfortable yet modern ambiance.


Water Library Brasserie (French)

You may recall the golden age of exuberantly luxurious life in the 1920’s—it was the great time of great elegance, timeless art deco and the swinging Charleston’s. Step back in time at Water Library Brasserie Central Embassy where you get to reenact the charmed life like in a classic movie set—think 1920’s Paris with a contemporary twist. This reinvented classic eatery serves up French delicacies in which the world famous French classical tastebuds are gracefully modernized by innovative gastronomy.


Greyhound Cafe (Thai fusion)

Much adored by fashionistas from generations, this eponymous fashion heavy weight-cum-restauranteur Greyhound Cafe at Groove Central World continues to embark on a journey of self discovery. Known for its cool cutting-edge designs, Greyhound Cafe is a reflection of such modern culinary classics that blend timeless basic homemade recipes with different shades of surprises—just like what life has to offer.


It’s Happened To Be A Closet (International)

Relocated to a cozy private house off the Sukhumvit enclave, It’s Happened To Be A Closet is famed for its eccentric fashion, treasures and trinkets as well as succulent Italian fusion cuisines. Like a psychedelic and colorful Bohemia, the venue is a colorful mixture of mash-up styles that attracts discerning crowd where you can splurge on bright and bold clothes, take part in special art workshops and dine on contemporary Italian menus.


(un)Fasioned Restaurant (Café)

The latest addition to the uber cool vintage shop/cafe (un)Fashioned Cafe family in the eccentric Ekamai neighborhood, (un)Fashioned Restaurant is located just the opposite the existing cafe where you can put out the heat and feel at ease amid the seaside log cabin-style atmosphere while munching on light but tasty Japanese fusion bakery and dishes or simply sip away your worries with aromatic selections of tea and coffee. It’s amazing how something unfashionable and be so cool.
Instagram: unfashionedcafe


Namsaah Bottling Trust (Thai Fusion)

This whimsically named Namsaah Bottling Trust is a brainchild of a group of well seasoned Bangkok lifestyle bandits who got together and chicly turned a multi-story mid 20th century villa that used to be an old soda bottling house into a swanky gastrobar. The colossal pink mansion exudes the old-world charm yet filled with refreshingly innovative sights, upbeat sounds and modern Asiatic cocktails and cuisines.

  • Mon-Sun 5pm-2am
  • $$$
  • Thai Fusion
  • +66 (0) 2 636-6622
  • BTS Saladaeng Station: 401 Silom Soi 7
  • Kaffir Lime Watermelon Smash, Spicy Soda-battered Shrimp in a Sriracha-aioli glaze and Thai-style Sun-dried Pork and Beef


L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Bangkok (French)

He has earned as many as 28 Michelin Stars throughout his branches worldwide. Now the French maestro Chef Robuchon brings us closer to the gastronomic star at his latest venue, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Bangkok. With the Wong Ka Wai ambiance meets 1997’s futuristic sci-fi Gattaca backdrop, you get to directly interact with the chef while he is performing live cooking demonstration, serving up innovative yet customized French delicacies especially concocted to suit your very own tastebud.

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